What Are the Benefits of Preschool STEM Education?

Benefits of Preschool STEM Education

Preschool STEM education has many benefits for children. Especially in this age, the creativity levels of children are extremely high; It has been determined by many studies. STEM education is one of the important approaches that nourish and support creativity.

STEM philosophy; He argues that preschool children who learn by researching, solving problems and asking questions were born as researchers. Moreover, programs; In terms of the model, it has a spiral approach and is eclectic. According to development levels, interests and needs; It has a progressive feature as it aims to develop children in all areas. Similarly, to determine future insights; Hierarchical structures based on prior knowledge also provide a basis for STEM issues.

STEM; It is a type of approach that covers Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education starts from preschool; can include all educational levels up to the doctorate.

What Are STEM Trainings For?

STEM approach; such as science, engineering, technology and mathematics; includes important areas. By integrating these four important disciplines; provides a learning experience that is realistic, collaborative, more thought-oriented and promotes problem solving. A well planned, stimulating, developmentally appropriate STEM activity; It also draws attention to the developmental aspects of children in preschool.

STEM is an acronym that has been heard a lot lately. It is used as the term of education.
The studies carried out include these principles that are compatible with STEM education; It provides answers to questions such as the extent to which the preschool education program is reflected in its content. When the researches are examined in full, many gains and indicators included in the preschool curriculum; It has similar features with STEM approaches.

STEM experiences planned in detail by teachers are planned and presented based on core concepts and skills. An ideal activity program is created. Then, when children are allowed to discover and reflect on their theories; effective learning experiences can be created.

Preschool Curriculum and its Relationship with STEM Education

Preschool curriculum allows children to think critically, plan, express themselves. Also; gives great importance to making inquiries and learning games. Similarly; game-based learning approaches to support their first experience learning through active participation; It is a suitable way for STEM applications in preschool education.