Art By Chance ‘Keşfet’ Temalı Kısa Film Yarışması


• ART BY CHANCE (ABC) is an ultra short film festival aiming to bring together promising artists and large audiences living in major cities all around the world.

• Participant(s) who fill this form have read and agreed to ABC regulations.

• ABC will take place in January 2015.

• ABC entries will be broadcast through advertising networks mainly located within urban transportation, airports, shopping malls, universities, galleries and also in film festivals and summer festivals as a selection.

• ABC is a sponsored event and screenings will take place with the support of both local and global sponsors.


• In order to participate in ABC, movies must be sent before the 27 November 2014.

• Festival reserves the right to extend the deadline for submissions.


• Entry is open to both animations and movies of all kinds with the exception of training and advertising films.

• Films’ content must address ABC’s official theme: DISCOVER.

• Films must be suitable for general audience. Films containing extreme violence or sexuality will be disqualified by the jury.

• Films of 30 seconds or less are eligible for ABC. Films must be sent without the title and credits.

• Films previously broadcast on television (free-to-air or pay TV); or released on home video/DVD, for sale or rental, prior to ABC are ineligible.

• All prior prizes awarded must be supplied on this entry form.

• Participants may submit more than one entry.


• Video file types must be WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4 or MPEG uncompressed format.


• The sound using in films is optional. The participants must be aware that all the screens may not have sound access.

• If the participating film needs to bring on screen a dialogue between characters, the dialogues can be included in the movie as text bubbles or subtitles.

• Any text included in the movie must be in English language only, regardless of the text type.

• Given the diversity of the audience that will view the selection, ABC does not recommend any use of complex dialogue texts within the films.


• Participants may only enter ABC with original artistic creations belonging to them. They guarantee to ABC that any and all films they may send to ABC is created solely by them and/or they hold any and all intellectual property rights pertaining to these films that may be required for the participants to send these films to ABC for screening and for ABC to screen these, as per these rules, and they grant ABC the right to screen these, at ABC’s discretion. In the event of any dispute, Turkish law shall govern such dispute and such dispute shall be exclusively settled by the courts and execution offices in Caglayan, Istanbul, Turkey.

• ABC has the right to use all films selected and their publicity materials (press books, trailers, posters, stills, etc.) for promotional purposes.

• ABC cannot be held responsible for any participant, whose work is not original (partly or entirely copied).

• Every participant is responsible for his/her own submission in terms of copyright and artistic and intellectual property.

• Any film may be eliminated from ABC, if proven that the creation does not belong to the participant. In this case, the participant will be entirely responsible for the damages he/she inflicted on the real creator of the movie as well as the damages inflicted on ABC.

• ABC committee has the right to take back any title given to a film, if any of the above rules has been breached by the participant.

• By uploading his/her film, each participant agrees that ABC shall have the right to screen the film in any venue where ABC is broadcast, without being subject to any limitation of time i.e. any time before, during and after ABC’s yearly event in question, and such screening will be mainly in form of a selection of films indicating the relevant yearly event e.g. a film sent for the event in 2014 may be screened in year 2114 as a film of “ABC 2014 Selection”.


• The participant acknowledges and accepts that ABC is a sponsored event which will be supported by both global and local sponsors.

• ABC screenings and broadcastings will be followed by sponsor logos. The frequency and duration of logo screens may change according to network operators and sponsors’ requests.

• Participants may be asked to participate in press conferences, interviews and galas organized by sponsors.

• Participants will be required to act in the interest of sponsor brands and not harm the sponsor brands by any action or omission, under any circumstances.

• Turkish Airlines as the global sponsor of Art By Chance will give a return flight ticket to the winner of passenger’s choice which will be selected on Turkish Airlines micro website. *

* The return flight ticket can be used for Turkish Airlines flight destinations. The ticket must be applied except national and religious holiday.


• The selection of movies that will be screened within ABC will be handled by an international jury.

• The jury will be composed of different backgrounds (cinema professionals, film makers, curators etc.).

• The jury will select the best entries after viewing all the entries. Number of the films in the selection depends on quality level of that year’s entries.

• Each member of the jury will be asked to give a score to every entry regarding artistic, theme and technical aspects of the participating film.

• The jury’s decision will be final and no discussions will be engaged in, regarding the final selection of ABC.


• The winners will be notified by the last week of December 2014, via e-mail.


By sending an entry to ABC, the participant automatically agrees and accepts that:

• Sent films may be screened in any participating digital signage network across the world , summer festivals, some festivals and fairs in some countries and mobile phone downloading within the duration of ABC.

• Films sent to ABC may be broadcast on the ABC’s website and kept within ABC’s archives without any time limitation.

• ABC supporters and sponsors have right to screen the festival films for agreed and limited time.

• ABC will try to hold screenings in as many cities, venues, festivals, as possible, and as many screenings as possible for each entry in each city during the festival period.

• ABC may screen sponsors and supporters in any website, during and after the festival time.

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