14th METU International ELT Convention

ELT Convention
ELT Convention

The Department of Basic English, in collaboration with the Department of Modern Languages, is proud to announce that the 14th METU International ELT Convention will take place on 11-12 June 2020 in Ankara, Turkey.

The first METU ELT Convention took place almost 30 years ago and has been growing in popularity ever since as it supports continual growth and progress among researchers and practitioners. It aims to attract teachers, students, researchers, writers and trainers involved in English Language Teaching in and outside Turkey, providing them with a professional setting to present perspectives, promoting networking and stimulating discussion.

To this end, this year’s convention theme ‘Reflections’ is an open invitation to all interested in different walks of ELT to share opinions, experiences and reflections.

Reflection, in its literal sense, is what we see in the mirror. It can be a smiling face, a frustrated look or a puzzled expression. Yet, for students and teachers, the implications of the word go far beyond that.

Classroom is a small-scale reflection of the world outside, as what is happening around us has an impact on the teaching-learning process. From global issues, such as wars, migration and political conflicts, to country-based dynamics, like changes in the educational policy, many things are reflected on the activities, interactions and perceptions in the classroom. Though seeming trivial, even the daily concerns of the teacher or the students, like having an argument with a neighbour or losing the car keys, may change the flow of the lesson, affecting what we talk about, how we respond and how much we understand. Apart from our environment, our personal histories are also reflected in the classroom applications. The teacher brings along his/her background, personality, interests and experiences into the classroom, and obviously, so does the student.

In an educational sense, though, reflection is a systematic evaluation process, during which we make connections between experiences, build on our current knowledge and develop new ways of thinking with the ultimate aim of progress. It is a general term closely connected to several key concepts in language education, such as reflective teaching and learning, critical thinking, collaboration, feedback, autonomy, and many others. It is a crucial step towards development and success that involves all the stakeholders in education, including teachers, students, trainers and administrators.

In this respect, the 14th METU International ELT Convention aims to cover any issues open to change and improvement through personal, professional and academic reflection, related to (but not limited to):

Teaching and Learning Practices
Assessment Techniques
Curriculum and Material Development
Teacher Training
Applied Linguistics (including sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and neurolinguistics)
World Englishes; ELF; EIL
Cultural Studies in English Language Teaching
Literature in English Language Teaching
We are looking forward to seeing you at the 14th METU International ELT Convention to reflect on our own and each other’s experiences and share these reflections to facilitate and improve language learning practices.

Deadline for abstract submission : 13 January 2020
Notification of acceptance : By 10 March 2020
Deadline for presenter registration : 31 March 2020
Deadline for early-bird registration : 30 April 2020
Dates of the convention : 11-12 June 2020



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