What are International Bakalorya Programs

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a four-program educational program that focuses on teaching students to think critically and independently and how to question with care and logic.

Students will think independently and become their own masters in learning, be part of an education that can lead to some of the highest ranked universities in the world, learn a second language, become culturally conscious and learn to interact.

Schools must be authorized to teach IB programs. Every school authorized to offer IB programs is known as the IB World School.

Students can apply to universities or colleges that recognize IB programs.

The IB sees teachers as part of a professional learning community, essential for the success of schools. IB offers IB educators many advantages to support them, such as access to high-quality professional development, innovative educational frameworks and teaching resources.

Schools with an IB World School gain access to high-quality educational programs that support the development of knowledgeable and inquiring students; professional development supporting effective educators and collaborative professional learning communities; and the globally respected IB World Schools network working together to share best practices.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland by a group of innovative educators who needed an international approach to education that would equip young people with the skills, values ​​and knowledge necessary to build a more peaceful future.


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