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global warming

About the project

The increase in air temperatures, the increase of carbon dioxide ratio, the melting of glaciers, the increase of storms, the increase of drought and desertification have revealed the fact of climate change, which is clear to everyone. The biggest factor that increases the speed of these events is energy production and the misuse of resources. Therefore, the best personal help to the world and the environment is to save energy, to live cleaner, naturally, to less harm to nature and to convey this awareness to future generations.
By raising awareness on climate change and global warming, the elimination of wind and soil erosions, the negative effects of environmental damage on the economy will contribute to the revival of the region’s economy.
We want to learn the reasons of the situation caused by climate change in the regions and inform our students and our environment about the measures to be taken.


-Raising awareness by drawing attention to climate change and global warming.
-Understanding that nature and the environment are important for our life, developing awareness.
-To create an attitude regarding the order and cleaning of the nature,
-To ensure the protection of living creatures in nature,
-Handling of subjects with interdisciplinary transition method
-To improve 21st century skills,


Raising awareness about climate change,
-To learn about our responsibilities regarding climate change and global warming,
-Creating nature and environmental awareness for a more livable world,
-Understanding the importance of recycling and saving,
-Strengthening communication between partner schools, school management, teachers, students and parents,
-21st century skills development,
These are the expected results of our project.


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