Dear Participants

Fatih University Prep School holds its 5th International ELT Conference, entitled “LEADING TO CHANGES IN ELT: FROM PRACTICE TO THEORY” on Saturday 9th June, 2012.

Fatih University Prep School continuously seeks out new themes and practices in language teaching. FELT2012 Conference’s aim is to create a reflective setting in which teachers can associate all their ways of teaching with theories and practices, which will possibly lead to changes in the minds of the participants.

Theories help teachers incorporate new insights and new ways into their teaching repertoires. But, who tells these theories? Why do teachers not tell their own theories that they gain throughout the years? FELT2012 will uncover current routines, theories and “ways of seeing” so that each participant can tell out his/her own practices by sharing, reflecting and negotiating. Plenary speakers and experts on the field will welcome all the questions in the Q&A session at the end of the program.

FELT2012 will host book exhibitions and student poster presentations.

You are all cordially invited to this once in a year FELT2012 Conference.

Yours Sincerely,
Organization Committee

Other topics:

The Committee also welcomes your proposals on the following topics.

Language teacher education
Language testing and assessment
Language curriculum development
Language program evaluation

Language teaching methodology

Language acquisition and learning
Innovation in language teaching and learning

Applied linguistics
Corpus Linguistics

Types of Presentations

Research Studies & Papers

Paper presentations are invited for FELT2012. The presenters are requested to limit the duration of their presentation into 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for Question and Answer (Q&A) session. Paper presentations will continue for 30 minutes in total.


Workshops must explain different tasks and practices to the participants. The participants should learn new methods and techniques, notably by taking part in the activities held in these sessions. The total duration of workshops is 30 minutes.


Poster presentations on the mentioned topics are also invited for FELT2012. Each poster must include any specific point on the topic, briefly summarize the findings and give succinct implications.

Evaluation & Acceptance

All abstracts will be blindly reviewed and the results will be announced by 25th, May 2012. Relevance and originality are necessarily required for your paper to be accepted. The Committee will send an acceptance letter to the presenters for notification.

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