Following the first successful one organised in Gaziantep in 2013 on national level, the second International Environment and Morality Symposium will be held this year at Adıyaman University. In this respect, the discussion of today’s the most important environmental issues in term of moral perspective will be moved to an international platform. Environmental problems may be associated with the emergence of industrialization, consumption habits along with with many other reasons. However, the corruption of both individual and social moral values lies at the background of all these reasons.

The 2nd International Symposium on Environment and Morality is organised by Adiyaman University, Academic Platform, the Association for Solidarity of Environmental Organization (CEKUD ) and the Environment Foundation. Symposium is not only for the technical and social academicians. The representatives of those working in the field of industry, civil society organizations and public organizations are also scheduled to participate. Thus, it is aimed that all the parties of the environmental issues come together to discuss the problems and radical solutions are produced.

The symposium, will be held in Adiyaman, which is among one of our country’s most important historical and cultural centres.

We will be honoured to guess you at the symposium either as the presenters of the papers or the listeners.

Symposium Title & Topic Codes

A) Engineering Themes

A1) Solid Waste and Management
A2) Hazardous Waste and Management
A3) Water Pollution and Control
A3) Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
A4) Air Pollution and Control
A5) Watershed Management
A6) Urban Regeneration and Environment
A7) Green Production, Marketing and Supply Chain
A8) Reverse Logistics
A9) Environmental Quality Management Systems
A10) Environment Friendly Energy Production and Management
A11) Engineering Applications in Terms of Environment and Morality

B) Social Themes

B1) Environmental Morality
B2) Environmental Law
B3) Environmental Morality in Culture, Arts and Literature
B4) Thrift and Sustainable Environment Relationship
B5) Oikos Basic Concepts of Environmental Awareness
B6) Interdisciplinary Aspect of Environmental Research
B7) Modernism as Becoming Homeless and Ontical Environment Crisis
B8) Environmental Perspectives of Societies in Historical Context
B9) Early Modern Urbanization and Environmental Destruction
B10) Ottoman Example in Environment and Morality
B11) Consumer Society and the Environment
B12) Environmentally Responsible Education

C) Religious Themes

C1) Environmental Perspectives in Religious Fundemantal Resources
C2) Sunnah and Environment
C3) Environment in the Qur’an
C4) Fiqh and Environment
C5) Environmental Perspectives throughout the History of Islam
C6) Muslim Society and Environmental Awareness
C7) Environment in Sufi Tradition
C8) Environment in the Context of Religious and Moral Education
C9) Tawhid Religions and Environment

Contact us

Mustafa OZSAGIR AND Halil Ibrahim UZUN, Secretary of ISEM2014
2nd International Symposium on Environment and Morality
Adiyaman University Adiyaman / TURKEY
ISEM2014 Web Site:
[email protected]

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Pınarbaşı, Symposium Chair
Adiyaman University ,Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naci CAGLAR, Symposium Co – Chair
Academic Platform, Sakarya University ,Turkey


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