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With our “Love a Tree” project, we want to make children embrace that tree love is an indispensable part of human life. In addition, our students are aimed to be sensitive and good individuals to their environment, and to instill environmental awareness and love of nature in children.




To instill in our students the love of trees, the lungs of the World
To instill love of nature for the world to be a sustainable living space
To develop a sense of research and curiosity
To develop their originality and creativity
Developing the self-confidence of children
To enable them to create their own unique products by using their imagination.
To develop cognitive, auditory and tactile emotions, to coordinate their hand, arm, eye, muscles and to strengthen these muscles and to enable them to learn by experimenting with music by increasing attention.
To create awareness and sensitivity to nature and nature problems,
To develop basic knowledge and understanding about nature and its functioning,
To ensure the development of positive behavior and values ​​towards nature,
To provide skills related to defining, researching and solving problems related to nature,
Observes entities
Compares the properties of assets.


1st and 2nd week
Meeting of the project partners, information exchange about the project, poster preparation and promoting it to the environment

3rd week
Entering the classroom with fruit seeds creates a sense of curiosity in children.
Conversation about what a seed is, whether there will be a seed from the seed of each fruit.
Brainstorming is done by asking the question of what is a tree.
There will be a chat about the importance of the tree

4th week
Going to the garden, trees will be examined and a nature trip will be made.
There will be a conversation about what tree varieties are.

5th week

Each child learns the name of one of the trees in the garden and makes a presentation in the classroom by preparing its tag.

6th week
Artistic original products are created using parts of trees.
Encyclopedia of trees with pictures, leaves and information of trees is created.

7th week
With the children participating in the project, they make a seed ball and are thrown into the nature.


Being conscious of nature love
Development of awareness of responsibility
The development of critical thinking and research feelings.
The development of self-expression features.
Development of planning, teamwork and cooperation skills



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