STEM Training

STEM Training

STEM is a learning and development approach that integrates science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

With STEM, children create creative and creative solutions to real-world problems by applying innovative and inclusive forms of science, technology, engineering and mathematical understanding.

The global business world is rapidly changing and diversifying. Existing business structures are eliminated due to automation and new jobs are emerging every day as a result of technological developments.

It is estimated that about 75 percent of all new jobs will require competence and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the coming years.

Continuous advances in technology change the way students learn and interact every day. The skills developed by students with STEM training enable them to succeed at school and beyond.

The demand for STEM competences and skills in business life is increasing. This increase in demand is expected to continue to increase in the future.

STEM provides students with the skills to be successful and adapt to the changing new world.

With STEM training, students develop the following basic skills:

Digital literacy
Communication skills
Problem solving
Independent thinking

Selecting STEM topics opens the door to exciting and developing careers where young people can use STEM skills to solve real-world problems and have the ability to adapt to changing workforce.