12. Uluslararası Kongre
Suriye Amerika Tıp Derneğinin (SAMS) her yıl düzenli olarak gerçekleştirdiği uluslararası kongrenin bu yıl düzenlenen 12’ncisi Üniversitemizin katkılarıyla 30 Haziran – 4 Temmuz 2012 tarihlerinde İstanbul’da yapılıyor. Bu yıl düzenlenen konferansın teması; Kriz Zamanlarında Tıbbın İyileştirici Rolü.

1 Temmuz’da yapılacak açılış programına Sağlık Bakanı Sayın Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ ve Üniversitemiz Rektörü Sayın Prof. Dr. Hamit OKUR katılacaklar ve konuşmalarını yapacaklar. İstanbul’un harikalarını içinde bulunduracak sosyal programların da yer aldığı bilimsel program broşürüne buradan ulaşabilirsiniz. Bilimsel programda üniversitemiz öğretim üyeleri de ana konu ile ilgili konferans, seminer ve tebliğlerde  bulunacaklar.
SAMS 12th Annual International Medical Convention
Dear SAMS members,

It is an honor and a privilege to be appointed by the SAMS board of directors to serve as chairman of SAMS 12th International Convention in Istanbul, Turkey between June 30 and July 4th 2012 and work with you on planning its activities.

We all feel a huge pressure and pain giving what Syria is going through. Our hearts and thoughts are with our brave fellow citizens in Syria. It is our duty to stand with them and help alleviate their suffering. Thus, our vision for this convention includes making it an opportunity for Syrian physicians from all around the world to meet, bridge gaps, extend hands, exchange ideas, discuss the humanitarian and medical needs of the Syrian people during and after the crisis and plan for a better future of medicine in Syria

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to invite you to attend the convention, participate in its scientific sessions, interact with your Syrian colleagues from the US and all over the world and be part of exploring how to build a new and advanced healthcare system in Syria. The theme of our conference will feature “The Healing Role of Medicine in Times of Crisis” and the convention will have 3 major tracks:

1- lectures related to emergency, trauma, critical care, and stress which touches on what is happening back home
2- Updates on treatments and techniques in different medical specialties
3- lectures oriented to reform of the healthcare sector in Syria (quality, public health, medical education, etc…)

In addition to the medical lectures which will have 22 hours of CME credits sponsored through Michigan State University, we are planning a social program for families, a fundraiser for the Syrian Medical Relief Fund and a visit to the refugee camps with our hope there will be none by that time.

SAMS is also honored to have the International Syrian Medical Association (ISMA) and the Union of Syrian Relief Organizations as part of the convention. This is expected to create a great opportunity for Syrian Doctors from the USA, Europe and the Gulf countries to meet and work together on building the infrastructure of a well-coordinated Syrian medical relief efforts.

For those who are interested to participate in the scientific program as a faculty, please email your topic to Dr. Aref Al-kali, the scientific co-chair at [email protected] and the relevant specialty session organizer. The deadline for submitting the title of the presentations/lectures is March, 15th, 2012.

The list of the committee members and the session organizers and their contact information is listed below:

Convention Committee

Chairman: Tarek Kteleh – [email protected]
Scientific Co-Chairman: Aref Al-Kali – [email protected]

Co-Chairman:  Mazen Kherallah – [email protected]
CME Coordinator: Mounzer Kassab – [email protected]
SAMS president: Zaher Sahloul – [email protected]
Director of Operations: Lucine Saleh – [email protected]
Amir Habra – [email protected]
Jaber Monla Hassan – [email protected]
Yahia Rahim – [email protected]

Session organizers
Cardiology: Husam Farhoud – [email protected]
Endocrinology: Amir Habra – [email protected]
Gastrointestinal: Fouad Azrak [email protected]
Hematology Oncology: Ammar Sukari – [email protected]
Internal Medicine: Mohamad Albaba [email protected]
Nephrology: Anas kayal – [email protected]
Neurology: Moonzer kassab [email protected]
Pediatrics: Ayman Khiami – [email protected]
Psychiatry: Amjad Bahnasi  – [email protected] & Iyad Alkhouri – [email protected]
Pulmonary/criticalcare:Osama Dabbagh [email protected]
Surgery: Fadi Abu Nukta  – [email protected]
Our sincere prayers and deepest thoughts to our beloved country and the great Syrian people.

Tarek Kteleh

Convention Chair

SAMS 12th International Medical Conference


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