OCP10 Ses Bilim Kurultayı

The Linguistics Programme
Department of Western Languages and Literatures

cordially invites you to the

10th Old World Conference in Phonology
16th – 19th January 2013

16th, 17th, 19th January: Albert Long Hall (BTS)
18th January: Demir Demirgil Salonu

Keynote lectures:

16th Jan., 12.00 p.m.: Jonathan Kaye (Gorizia) (BTS)
A phonologist and a used car salesman walk into a bar…

17th Jan., 12.00 p.m.: Barış Kabak (Universität Würzburg) (BTS)
The extent of contrasts and regularities in phonology

18th Jan., 12.00 p.m.: Wendy Sandler (University of Haifa) (Demir Demirgil Salonu)
Sign Language Phonology: Implications for Linguistic Theory

19th Jan., 11.00 a.m.: Noam Chomsky (MIT) (BTS) (Invited speaker for the 2013 Hrant Dink Memorial Lecture)
The architecture of language and the place of phonology:
Some recent ideas

All welcome!

Conference website: http://www.ocp10.boun.edu.tr


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