7-8 MAY 2015



Being a part of human life since the existence of humanity, Play has been one of the crucial research areas for centuries. Sociology which has been based on the claim that it is not possible to think human being independent from his/her environment and the society s/he belongs to, and Psychology which claims that thoughts of human beings and actions are a kind of expression, Communication, History, Architecture, Art, Health and numerous disciplines which mention that they make an effort on transforming human being’s environment, are all pointing out the indispensible role of play in human’s life. In this sense, it is possible to mention a comprehensive theoretical and literary accumulation developed related to play as interdisciplinary. Play as a frequently used element by different disciplines presents a rich content with its various aspects. Toy, being the tool of play or producing its game is also important due to cultural, social and economic indicators in terms of hosting, besides being a topic as old as humanity.

The roots of play, which includes intelligence, talent, entertainment and joy is mostly based on the sacred. Mythology, rituals and rites cannot be thought independent from plays. A representative expression of the culture, play is a means of socialization in sociological terms. Theories of education emphasize plays during individual’s learning, and art and aesthetics flourish thanks to play. In the rough world of realism, the individual delivering messages through plays which give voice to the difficult/impossible/dangerous utterances illustrates criticism through players; and at the same time, s/he fictionalizes the ‘must be’ and the ‘ideal’ through aesthetics, by referring to the art. By this means, opinions are expressed though shows and dreams are revealed.

Play is one of the prominent and crucial elements for an individual as a social existence to learn the real life and adapt to that life. Play is a significant agent for the transformation and reproduction of realism into approved life experience by fictionalization. Most rituals which experienced transformations until today are based on play. Socio-cultural structure and economic conditions in which individuals have been included throughout history reconstituted the nature of play and toy. Play and toy which have been a part of the desire for organizing and supervising individual’s behaviour since childhood have been turned into an industrial commodity over time. Time and place which have been related to the fiction of play and toy have been reorganized with the effect of this industrial structure. As the society became more modernized, collective play has been replaced by individual play and toys, open-air plays have been replaced by indoor and single-character plays. Child is taken from street to in front of computers or specially designed thematic parks; eulogy show in Ottoman culture and entertainment life has been transformed into one man stand up shows. Folk dances which represent every region and has cultural authenticity became a part of industrial and paid dance and performance show as an extension of the society of the spectacle. Simple betting turned into casinos. In the technology based game, dreams are bounded, place, time and characters are delivering ready to the individuals. In this kind of plays while the property of “spontaneity” disappears, context to consume as the product of the culture industry stands out. An individual who tries to struggle with the nature and survive has started to achieve his/her social interactions through activities with no rules, and the rules for the activities constituted the sports events. And these sports events play roles in one hand ensuring social cohesion and in the other hand to restrain mental production for social criticism. In play which has been intermediated with technology, however, dreams are restricted; place, time and characters are presented to the individual as prepared. In such plays, ‘spontaneity’ disappears, and interest in street plays decreases gradually. Amateur nature of team plays changes into the dominant style of sports industry and the world of show through a competitive point of view. Plays in general, although a necessary activity in terms of physical and mental health it’s possible to mention the health-threatening conditions. Necessities of legislations come up in play and toy area expanding within the framework of all changes and transformations.

‘International Congress on Play and Toy’ which is going to be organized on May 7th-8th 2015 in association with Atatürk University Faculty of Communication and Open Education Faculty intends to discuss in a wide range of areas that the plays, human beings and all the processes based on time and place in which the individual belongs to.

In the congress, scientists are kindly invited to present authentic studies/works from all the disciplines related to plays within the scope of below topics:

– Play and toy from past to today – Play culture
– Play and folk culture
– Play and toy in culture, art and literature
– Play and education
– Play, toy and health
– Play, toy and law
– Play and media
– Play and toy in reconstruction of gender mainstreaming
– Play and toy in the construction of national identity
– Economy-policy of play and toy

The congress is open to the presentation proposals related to the other topics, which are not listed here, about plays. Comprehensiveness of the subject enables to develop and discuss quite different topics; coexistence of different disciplines leads up to the detailed investigation of plays.

We invite all the scientists who take plays and toys as a subject, try to draw attention to the importance of this subject in the history of humanity and reveal the transformations observed in this field till today.

Prof. Dr. Uğur YAVUZ

Atatürk Üniversitesi

İletişim Fakültesi Dekanı



Prof. Dr. Üstün ÖZEN

Atatürk Üniversitesi

Açıköğretim Fakültesi Dekanı

Professor Dr. Üstün ÖZEN Atatürk University
Professor Dr. Uğur YAVUZ Atatürk University
Professor Dr. Dilaver DÜZGÜN Atatürk University
Professor Dr. Hasan YILMAZ Atatürk University
Professor Dr. Alpaslan CEYLAN Atatürk University
Professor Dr. Ömer ÖZER Anadolu University
Professor Dr. M. Bilal ARIK Akdeniz University
Professor Dr. S. Ruken ÖZTÜRK Ankara University
Professor Dr. Tülin SAĞLAM Ankara University
Professor Dr. Jill WALKER RETTBERG Berger University
Professor Dr. Birgül KUTLU BAYRAKTAR Boğaziçi University
Professor Dr. Metin EROL Cumhuriyet University
Professor Dr. Demet ÖZDAMAR Dokuz Eylül University
Professor Dr. Süleyman İRVAN Eastern Mediterranean University
Professor Dr. Nejat BİLGEN Dumlupınar University
Professor Dr. Hamza ÇAKIR Erciyes University
Professor Dr. Nevzat CAN Erzurum Technical University
Professor Dr. Dilruba ÇATALBAŞ ÜRPER Galatasaray University
Professor Dr. Erdal ZORBA Gazi University
Professor Dr. Ömer ŞENEL Gazi University
Professor Dr. Zakir AVŞAR Gazi University
Professor Dr. Özlen ÖZGEN Gazi University
Prof. Dr. Janet MURRAY Georgia Institute of Technology
Professor Dr. Nebi ÖZDEMİR Hacettepe University
Professor Dr. A. Murat TUNCER Hacettepe University
Professor Dr. Ferhunde ÖKTEM Hacettepe University
Professor Dr. Mutlu BİNARK Hacettepe University
Professor Dr. Christoph KLIMMT Hanover University
Professor Dr. Dan SCHILLER Illinois University
Professor Dr. Selma KARATEPE İnönü University
Professor Dr. Nilüfer SEZER İstanbul University
Professor Dr. Ayşen Gül AKKOR İstanbul University
Professor Dr. Nilüfer TİMİSİ İstanbul University
Professor Dr. Hasan AKBULUT İstanbul University
Professor Dr. Engin AKYÜREK İstanbul University
Professor Dr. Halil NALÇAOĞLU İstanbul Bilgi University
Professor Dr. Mücella ULUĞ İstanbul Kültür University
Professor Dr. Mete ÇAMDERELİ İstanbul Commerce University
Professor Dr. Sevda ALANKUŞ Kadir Has University
Professor Dr. Asker KARTARI Kadir Has University
Professor Dr. Ayhan BİBER Kastamonu University
Professor Dr. Faruk KALKAN Lefke Europe University
Professor Dr. Graham MURDOCK Loughborough University
Professor Dr. Selma ULUS Marmara University
Professor Dr. Aydın AYAN Mimar Sinan University
Professor Dr. Ayşe SAKTANBER Middle East Technical University
Professor Dr. Vicent MOSCO Queen’s University
Professor Dr. Ahmet KALENDER Selçuk University
Professor Dr. Selçuk HÜNERLİ
Associated Professor Dr. Derya TELLAN Atatürk University
Associated Professor Dr. Adem YILMAZ Atatürk University
Associated Professor Dr. Başaran GENÇDOĞAN Atatürk University
Associated Professor Dr. Erdal DAĞTAŞ Anadolu University
Associated Professor Dr. Abdülrezzak ALTUN Ankara University
Associated Professor Dr. Müge ARTAR Ankara University
Associated Professor Dr. Serpil AYGÜN CENGİZ Ankara University
Associated Professor Dr. Ömer ADIGÜZEL Ankara University
Associated Professor Dr. Günseli BAYRAKTUTAN Başkent University
Associated Professor Dr. Anne Mette THORHAUGE Copenhagen University
Associated Professor Dr. Nilay BAŞOK Ege University
Associated Professor Dr. F. Nilay KUYUMCU İstanbul University
Associated Professor Dr. Mukadder ÇAKIR Marmara University
Associated Professor Dr. Sibel ÖZBUDUN


Submission of Abstracts: 7 December 2014
Acceptance of Abstracts: 5 January 2015
Submission of Full Paper: 22 March 2015

Congress Address: XANADU Otel / ERZURUM



Twitter: @oyunveoyuncak