Drug Design Symposium 2013

Welcome to BAU-Drug Design Symposium 2013

The main theme of the BAU-Drug Design 2013 will be “Recent Developments in Structure- and Ligand-based Drug Design Methodologies,” which will cover a wide range of critically important sessions. This symposium aims to serve as a platform for interaction among renowned experimental and computational scientists from academia and industry to discuss the latest developments in methodology, application and approaches in the drug design field and to accelerate scientific discovery as well as reflect the key goals of the strategic priorities of the university: Integration, inter-disciplinary research on basic health sciences. The key subjects:

Molecular Simulations

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Methods

Virtual HTS

Molecular Modeling

Ligand Design

Molecular Docking

De Novo Drug Design


Bahçeşehir University (BAU) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit foundation university. The university has attracted world-renowned academic staff and created state of the art research and instructional facilities. International students who study at Bahcesehir University gain a memorable study abroad experience in one of the most cosmopolitan and global cities, Istanbul. The university’s mission is to educate youth and mold them into the leaders of tomorrow.

As its ninth faculty, the university has opened a Faculty of Medicine, where research is as much a priority as educating students. One priority is addressing a crucial societal issue in Turkey – the need for fundamental work in the basic health sciences extending to investigations that translate from theory and laboratory to clinical work, to the population and society as a whole. Advancing health involves research ranging from the basic life sciences and disease processes at the molecular and genetic level, to health economics, the social determinants of health, and the ethics of health care, to health policy, promotion and delivery. An integral part of the sustainable research direction is in its ability to maintain strength as a research-intensive university by attracting and retaining researchers who will inspire curiosity and creativity in others and by prioritizing the professional development of the future research leaders. To this end, medical research in biocomputing and rational drug design is one among the cornerstone strategies for the university’s research success.


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