Decreasing Carcinogens

Food Science
 Anand Srinivasan – USA

Heterocyclic amines (HCAs), specifically phenylmethylimidazopyridine (PhIP), are mutagenic and carcinogenic compounds found in grilled chicken. Although chicken is consumed in large quantities, there is little information …

on methods of limiting exposure to HCAs. The hypothesis was that different marinade ingredients – lemon juice, soy sauce, salt water, brown sugar, and olive oil – would have differing effects on PhIP formation. PhIP levels were measured using a high-pressure liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer. The data indicated that some marinades reduce PhIP levels. The brown sugar is a probable inhibitor; the salt water a certain inhibitor; the soy sauce results are inconclusive; the olive oil creates a probable increase in PhIP; and the lemon juice is a certain inhibitor.

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