Astrometry Now and in the Future

11-13 September 2011, Antalya, Turkey

The workshop “Astrometry now and in the future” is organized in the continuation of the “Summer School on Astrometry in Antalya” and is devoted to discussions of present and future activities in the astrometry domain from ground-based and space observations. Ground-based observations and space observations are complementary and this synergy can be very useful to explore some domains. This is the case for example for the dynamics of the Solar System Objects. The development of observing networks, the advent of next generation telescopes, and the next space missions will lead to an increase of data with valuable astrometric measurements. A long term vision which will ensure the manpower for the analysis of the huge amount of data and the future researches in the astrometry domain is necessary. Students and young astronomers must be encouraged to reinforce the astrometric community active in astrometry. In this international context, a workshop is an interesting way to foster young students and astronomers for this specialization. Given the above expectations, we organize this workshop on astrometry in Antalya to initiate this future plan and data exploitation on astrometric observations by candidate/professional scientists. The workshop consists of oral contributions (at most 20 mın. Each + 5 min. For discussion), complemented by optional posters.

Contact info: Dr. Timur ŞAHİN, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Science, Space Science and Technologies Department, 07058, Campus, Antalya, Turkey. E-mail: [email protected]