As The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) of Turkey, we express our pleasure to notify that the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation to be organized on 25-28 May 2015 will be held in Istanbul.

Istanbul, with its 8 thousand 5 hundred years heritage and uniqueness for bridging continents, is the right place to talk about energy and regulation. Istanbul links not only continents but also cultures, religions and moreover natural resources and markets. Turkey has made great strides in energy market liberalization during the past decade and is a key actor in the energy sector, providing a reliable energy corridor between East and West.

As EMRA, we believe in the importance of World Forum on Energy Regulation and that Istanbul is to be a model for manifestation of collaboration between energy market actors and the energy regulators guiding them.

Holding the Forum in Istanbul will enable to attract interests of those countries, who have not liberated their energy markets or at very early stages of regulation of energy markets.

We believe that besides energy regulatory agencies, energy companies, specialists, academicians as well as those interested in energy regulation will find a chance to follow the most recent subjects regarding energy and its regulation during the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation, and this forum will be a unique World Forum on Energy Regulation.

To see you in Istanbul in May 2015 for the 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation will be an honor for us.

For further information about 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation please contact us via wfer@epdk.org.tr