World Education Week

We are excited to share that two Lead For Ghana partner schools have been selected as part of 100 exemplary schools in the world to showcase their strengths at this year’s World Education Week. We couldn’t be more proud of our partner schools, and we welcome you to register for their sessions and get inspired.

World Education Week is a conference that enables schools to share their learning to a diversified online audience, through a global showcase of 100 schools worldwide.

To become a part of this opportunity from the 5th to 9th October 2020, register now at and attend panel discussions hosted by Beaconhouse Margalla Campus, Islamabad and Beaconhouse Bosan Road Campus, Multan. These schools have been selected from all over Pakistan.

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) and every single world government agreed on a set of targets. These are the Sustainable Development Goals. 17 goals that if we were to achieve all by the year 2030, every single person on planet Earth would be more prosperous and better off. Societies would develop equitably and we would all make sure that we achieve our potential.

Out of these 17 goals, 1 goal is Quality Education, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 4. Sadly, for SDG 4 as it is referred to, progress is slow. We have 10 years left to achieve a more equitable future for our next generation at least, and that is why we are launching our free virtual event, World Education Week.

We are showcasing what we can learn from 100 Schools across the world, to promote a higher and better standard of education for all.

Our World Education Week serves to strengthen efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 Quality Education ( SDG website). By combining and sharing our collective experience, we can accelerate towards making sure every child has a better quality of education.

Our Global Showcase
We are facilitating 100 virtual school events which will form a Global Showcase during World Education Week.

School event themes
Our overall theme for World Education Week is ‘Learning Today’. We are hosting events that are aligned with one of the following themes:

Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills
The use of technology
Promoting the science of learning and teaching
Deepening family and community engagement
Focusing on wellbeing


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