Why do we need STEM?

Why do we need STEM?

STEM education aims to meet and strengthen the need for manpower for economic progress and leadership, and it can also be used as a tool to ensure equal opportunities in social peace and education.

In the 21st Century Learning Report published in the US, nine key learning skills were included in three key areas. These three key fields;
1. Knowledge and Communication Skills
2. Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
3. Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration Skills

STEM aims to provide students with competence in these areas. During the training, students acquire various skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperative work.


* Attract attention in the world of STEM education

* Introducing teachers and prospective teachers to STEM education

* To teach the basic concepts of STEM education to teachers and teacher candidates

* To introduce 21st century skills which are developed by STEM education

* Students develop skills such as engineering cycle, design processes

* Demonstrate and demonstrate STEM education in practice

* Provide resources related to STEM education


* Prepares lesson plans with 5E model

* Provides planned trainings with STEM approach,

* Gives students 21st century skills,

* Adds research, solution generation, critical thinking processes to their courses,

* Use technology and engineering processes effectively in their courses,

* It enriches its lessons with other disciplines,

* Evaluates STEM education.


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