TEDU STEM Application

TED University has added a new one to innovative teacher training and * STEM applications.

Cooperation between TED University and the esteemed biomedical company Amgen has been carried to a new dimension. Amgen Foundation-funded and Harvard University Centered “Educational Development Center” is coordinated by the “Amgen Biotechnology Education (ABE) Project” after World in 5 centers in Turkey for pilot was awarded the TED University. The project is the first STEM application in our country in terms of delivering biotechnology applications to high school students and teachers.

The lecturer of TED University Dr. Murat Günel’s ABE project started with the collaboration of METU Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Center (BILTEMM). Biotechnology education curricula and laboratory practices for teachers and students from all over the country will continue until May 2016.

Project web page: https://www.amgenbiotechexperience.com


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