Teacher+ Competition

Join us at the ELT social event of the year…..and send a colleague to IATEFL!

Viola Vaughn- Dakar, Senegal. Founder of the ’10,000 Girls’ project (2001) providing girls from disadvantaged communities with the skills and confidence needed to teach each other in a rolling literacy programme.

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis- Terezin concentration camp. A teacher who risked her life to secretly teach art to the traumatised children of Terezin, a subject forbidden by the Nazis.

Of course, these are very dramatic examples but we know that there are English language teachers throughout Turkey quietly doing good work to support their colleagues, their students and the wider community…Teachers+

So, who is a Teacher+?

A teacher who works tirelessly to improve the learning and teaching of English in Turkey
A teachers who is not satisfied with just teaching his/her weekly scheduled hours
A teacher who regularly devotes time and energy to doing that extra bit more
A teacher who has the ability to inspire students from all backgrounds
A teacher who has won the respect of colleagues, students and parents
A teacher who is an active member of the community

In short, a Teacher+ is a teacher who deserves to be applauded and appreciated by the whole Turkish ELT community…

Do you work with a Teacher +? If so, we would love to hear about them and give this teacher the opportunity to be a sponsored British Council/İNGED delegate at the IATEFL conference in Liverpool from 8-12 April 2013.

To nominate a Teacher +, all you need to do is send us a short description explaining why your colleague deserves to be recognised.

The three shortlisted entrants will be invited to an exciting Oscars-type networking event at the Gordion Hotel in Ankara hosted by the British Council and İNGED on Saturday 9th March 2013 where we will reveal the winner. This event will include special surprise guests from overseas along with the chance to meet colleagues from all over Turkey.

If your Teacher + is one of the shortlisted entrants, both you and s/he will be invited to Ankara to attend this event as a special guest of the British Council/INGED.

In addition to the winner of a trip to IATEFL, runners-up will have the opportunity to win quality teaching and learning resources for both themselves and their schools.

Each application should be submitted on an official British Council/İNGED Teacher + form which can be downloaded by clicking the link below and returned to TR-EltTeamTurkey@britishcouncil.org.tr by 31.12.2012.