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In our country, STEM education started to be implemented as of 2012. Nowadays, STEM education is applied in different ways throughout the country and trainings are given in this direction. The mistakes that Morrison has mentioned in his article are made in Turkey as well as in other countries: STEM education is science experiments, only lego (educational building blocks) and robotics, two disciplines are sufficient for STEM education, and engineering design processes are called STEM cycles.

Science and Science As the concepts of science and mathematics are mixed separately, it is seen that STEM education is also used as a means of making money in our country (selling certain tools and etc.) and those who are not experts in this field (without a doctorate) give these trainings. Considering these situations, STEM education should be taught and applied correctly in order to be beneficial for our country.

Considering the education systems and economic structures of the top 10 countries in the GNP, most of these countries are technology producing countries. In addition, when the education systems of these countries are examined, it will be seen that STEM education, which is one of the contemporary education approaches, is applied in formal or informal education environments. When we look at the studies on STEM education, it will be seen that STEM education contributes to the economic development of the countries in the long term.

Under the influence of Industry 4.0, this power, artificial intelligence studies, intelligent life technologies, space exploration, Internet of Things (Internet of Things), 3D design and production, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cyber ​​Security, such as technology, the importance of education further increases.

Being aware of this situation, the TÜSEAP family has an insight that focuses on interdisciplinary studies, develops creativity, contributes to problem-solving skills, and keeps up with contemporary educational approaches linked to daily life. We believe that our country will be among the top 10 countries in the GNP.

That every teacher should be valued and therefore receive the most accurate and reliable education,
STEM education should be useful for our country and it should be developed beyond the theory to be applied in the field to develop various proposals and trainings should be given.
The fact that the current curriculum is not fully compatible with STEM education but that this is not an obstacle, in other words STEM education is not an inevitable education,
STEM education to be taught all over and that Turkey should be enforced,
To make scientific publications in international and national levels such as congress and symposium on STEM education,
In the following process, magazines will be issued about STEM education,
Workshop and information meetings will be held in each province,
We will provide training to all our teachers,
Be prepared to contribute to the field by preparing articles and papers related to the field,
Initiatives to carry out joint works with the Ministry of National Education and TÜBİTAK,