STEM is the concept

STEM is the concept that a wide range of knowledge, experiences, attitudes, behaviours and practices will infl uence people in a range of different ways.

It helps shed light on why particular social groups remain underrepresented and why many young people do not see science careers as being for me.

Key components of STEM capital includes participation in out-of-school science learning contexts, for example how often a young person participates in informal science learning contexts, such as science museums, science clubs and fairs, the extent to which a young person’s family have science-related skills, qualifi cations, jobs and interests, and the people a young person knows in their family, friends, peer, and community circles who work in science-related roles.

The project aims to develop their skills, knowledge, confi dence, family engagement
and team working, as well as creating an increased awareness and pride in scientifi c research
and developments taking place in their local area.