SiS Catalyst EUCU.NET Joint Conference

EUCU.NET ve SiS-Catalyst Ortak Konferansı, 28-30 Kasım 2011 tarihleri arasında Ankara Üniversitesi Çocuk Üniversitesi’nin ev sahipliğinde Ankara’da yapılacaktır.

“From Providence to Evidence” – Governance and Strategic Development of SiS Activities for Children and Young People in Context of Change. SiS Catalyst & EUCU.NET Joint Conference at University of Ankara – 28th – 30th November 2011. Call For Papers
The conference is going to support quality development and capacity building. It will underpin policy with current findings from practice within the area of Science in Society activities – where Children’s Universities definitely have been playing a relevant role in since years. Moreover, all this shall be reflected in the light of the individual learning journeys, presented from and issued among participants in SiS activities for children and young people in previous years – who are possibly adult students nowadays.

Childrens Universities have developed even further and have notably diversified since the massive emerging of such activities under this particular term almost 10 years ago. However, a literature research within the first two-year period of EUCU.NET has uncovered  that verification of the mid and long-term effects of Children’s Universities (and similar SiS activities) is still missing, fragmented or vague. Case by case, the scientific interest may also be limited to local conditions or particular interests, which can’t be transferred into other contexts or generalized easily. This Goes hand in hand with recognizable lack of well defined organizational, institutional, or strategic concepts behind Children’s Universities.

SiS-Catalyst aims at theoretical and empirical reflection to impact on policy development and benchmarking and to justify public funding or sponsoring for Children’s University activities by proof of practice. This is an ongoing issue within EUCU.NET likewise. It was decided at the EUCU.NET constitutional meeting to put a major emphasis on evaluation and research within the EUCU.NET work programme of the next four years.

The upcoming conference is a perfect opportunity to promote, compare and reflect methodologies, methods and findings from current research in the area of SiS-activities for children and young people. These may be Children’s Universities, but also similar activities arranged by science organizations. Focus is on governing such activities as well as impact on institutional or political levels, on society at large.

More about this proposal, presentation formats and key data, and background of EUCU.NET and SiS Catalyst you can find in the PDF document bellow – the official call for papers.