Aims of MESAEP

The Mediterranean Scientific Association of Environmental Protection (MESAEP) was founded in October 1979 in Munich, Federal Republic of Germany as a non-profit scientific organization registered at the District Court in Munich.

The Association members, hailing from the Mediterranean and the other countries, are scientists engaged in research and development in the field of environmental technology and chemistry as well as ecotoxicology.

The objective of the MESAEP is

to bring together its members and other interested persons from all scientific disciplines, of politics and economics to examine the current problems of environmental protection in the Mediterranean region. They shall investigate solutions to these problems on regional, national and international basis. For this purpose the MESAEP shall make a critical appraisal of the problems concerning the protection of man, animals and plants in the Mediterranean region from harmful effects of chemicals and physical agents, both natural and manmade.

to give suggestions and recommendations concerning environmental quality and safety so as to enable the regulatory bodies of the various Mediterranean Countries to make proper decisions regarding the evaluation of safety of chemicals and physical agents.
The objective of the MESAEP is to provide a forum for interested persons from the field of the environmental sciences carrying out research related to chemical contamination and the other sources of pollution in the Mediterranean environment, and also those in economics and politics.

For this purpose, the Association shall consider all the problems concerning the protection of life in the region from harmful effects of chemical and physical agents, both natural and man-made.

The regulatory bodies in the Mediterranean regions will be encouraged and advised by the recommandation of MESAEP to make proper decisions for an improvement of the environmental quality and safety.

Among other activities, MESAEP has organized since 1981 together with national and international organizations symposia on “Environmental Pollution and its Impact on Life in the Mediterranean Region”, in Athens / Greece (1981), Crete / Greece (1983), Istambul / Turkey (1985), Kavala / Greece (1987), Blanes / Spain (1989), Como / Italy (1991), Juan Les Pin-Antibes / France (1993), Rhodes / Greece (1995), S. Agnello di Sorrento / Italy (1997), Alicante / Spain (1999), Limassol / Cyprus (2001), Antalya / Turkey (2003), Thessaloniki / Greece (2005) and Sevilla / Spain (2007).

All scientific papers and other presentations during these meetings have been published in proceedings volumes (1981, 1983) and regular international scientific journals (Chemosphere, 1985; Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, 1987 and 1989; Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 1005 and 2007).

In the future, MESAEP will focus its activities on improvements of life-standards in the mediterranean region, and for this it will cooperate with all interested organizations and governmental bodies.


17th International Symposium on

Environmental Pollution and its

Impact on Life in the Mediterranean Region

Organized by

Mediterranean Scientific Association of Environmental Protection

Akdeniz University

İstanbul, Turkey, September 28 – Oct 1, 2013

The objectives of the symposium are to provide opportunities for academics, policy makers, regulators, and practitioners in different countries to

exchange recent results related to the processes of environmental pollution and its effects on public health in the Mediterranean region
discuss current technological and legal measures to avoid or reduce the degradation of the environment
present suggestions and recommendations to the regulatory authorities on environmental quality and safety in the Mediterranean Region and its neighboring countries.
This year’s symposium will focus on Impact of climate change in the Mediterranean region


Impact of climate change in the Mediterranean region
Soil pollution and control
Water pollution and control
Air quality and pollution
Biodiversity and ecosystem functions
Environment and health
Waste management
Renewable energy sources
Emerging pollutants
Ecological disasters
Environmental policy and education
Round tables:

Mediterranean megacities
Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean Region
Abstract submission and Contact:

Please use the Online Abstract System ( for the registration to the symposium and for the submission of abstracts.
Please contact the Steering Committee via email for further questions: [email protected]
Important Date:

April 30, 2013 Final Date for Submission of Abstracts

May 31, 2013 Notification of Acceptance to Authors

June 30, 2013 Payment of early registration fees

September 28th 2013 Symposium, on site registration

Prof.Dr.Bülent Topkaya


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