Mathematics without borders – Winter 2016


The first round of the III International Tournament Mathematics without Borders – Autumn 2015, has now ended.
14,262 students from 25 countries on 4 continents took part in the contest.
Congratulations to the winners!

We are pleased to invite students from your school to participate in the Winter round of the III International tournament Mathematics without Borders for students from groups 1 to 9 (7 – 18-year olds).
The Winter round of the tournament is open to all interested students from groups 1 to 9 (7 – 18-year olds), regardless of whether they participated in the autumn round and if they did participate, regardless of their result. According to the tournament regulation, each round of the tournament has a separate ranking and separate rewards.
Each participant must take part in at least two of the three rounds (Autumn, Winter and Spring). The two best results (two of two, or two of three, depending on how many rounds each contestant participated in) will be taken into consideration when choosing the finalists.
Every contestant will receive a personal certificate and the winners will receive medals as well.
The tests are available in the official languages ​​of the tournament: Bulgarian, English, Russian and Kazakh. If necessary the schools in the different countries should provide translations of the test in the language that is required by the participants.

Up to January 21, 2016 – Schools may send an application form to and
The application form must include details of payment – amount paid, and date of the bank transfer (if you would like to receive an invoice, please provide the necessary information – identification number, address).
Bank details:
IBAN: BG49FINV91501016226631
First Investment Bank
Pedagogical association Education without Borders
90 G.S. Rakovski Str., ap. 29, Stara Zagora 6000, Bulgaria

Participation fee:
Number of participants
Fee per student
Up to 20
$13 (USD)
20 – 50
$11 (USD)
More than 50
$9 (USD)
More than 100
$8 (USD)

Up to January 21, 2016 – The applicants will receive the problems for the test, an answer sheet, an answer key, and a sample of the results protocol
22-31 January 2016 – The contest will be held on a day convenient for each school

2 days after the contest has been held, but no later than the 2nd February 2016 (Tuesday) –
The schools must send the results protocol to and
Up to 10th February 2016 – The results of the Winter round will be published on the Tournament website
Up to 29th February 2016 – Certificates for all participants and medals for the winners will be sent by post

Given the differences in the organization of the school year in some countries, we can extend the period for conducting remote rounds of the competition. We expect proposals from schools for possible extension.
Good luck to all participants!
More details (rules, syllabus, all problems and answers of the previous rounds of the tournament) you can see on the website of the tournament:

If you are interested in this project, please let us know. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: and

Kind regards,
Education without Borders Pedagogical Association