How to be an Engineering Design Cycle in STEM Education?

How to be an Engineering Design Cycle in STEM Education?

Science, Engineering and Entrepreneurship Practices in the Science Teaching Program, which will take place in the curriculum of STEM’ya teacher colleagues,

Focus on integrating the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,
To be able to associate the concepts of gains and concepts with real or daily life problems,
Adopting inquiry-based, student-centered learning approaches,
Students should emphasize teamwork and communication,
Develop life and career skills with rich knowledge of science and mathematics through applications and
He / she should know an engineering design process and cycle that leads to the development of a product or process to solve a problem.

Engineering design process, which involves developing students’ strategies to create products by using the knowledge and skills they have acquired and how they can add value to them;

(1) Defining the problem; (2) Collecting information about the problem; (3) Producing multiple solutions; (4) Analyzing and selecting the solution;

The Engineering Design Cycle;

SOR (In this step, students develop their knowledge by asking and answering questions. They research related science concepts, examine the materials they have and think about how to measure success)

IMAGINE (In this step, the students brainstorm possible solutions to the design challenge. Each member of the group is exposed in several ways to solve the problem, and the students are encouraged to think creatively and without judgment.)

PLAN (In this step, students review all the solutions created and select a single solution idea. The group then develops this idea.)

CREATION (In this step, students begin to build their own technologies. Students follow the plans they prepare and create prototypes with the materials they have available).

IMPROVED (In this step, the students think critically about which parts of their design work or don’t work. They make improvements to their original designs and retest them.)