14. STEM Teacher Certificate Program

14. STEM Teacher Certificate Program

Istanbul Aydın University Educational Sciences and Technologies Center has prepared a program to train STEM teachers. With STEM Teacher Certificate Program, we want to give STEM training to our teachers and give them STEM skills. Those who complete the program will be given a STEM Teacher Certificate.

When the world education agenda is examined, it is seen that one of the most emphasized concepts in the world is STEM. STEM; Science-Science, Technology-Engineering, Engineering-Mathematics and Mathematics consists of the initials of the field and this means the integration of each other means. Important resources are devoted to STEM education, especially in the USA, and programs and projects are organized for student and teacher training. The key to becoming a creative and competitive society is the integration of science and mathematics education with technology and engineering.

In this context, Turkey’s first STEM Teacher Certificate Program renewed by the Ministry of Education to teachers according to the school curriculum to teach competency in implementing STEM education. Teachers in STEM education in Turkey and leaders who have signed the first official STEM teachers by Istanbul Aydin University certificate will be awarded. This certificate has international validity. Reference is accepted for private school teachers.

In the program, directive and unregistered STEM activities will be carried out. The activities can be used in pre-school, primary, secondary and high school, especially in Science and Mathematics courses. It can be used in all units, science and engineering applications in the new Science curriculum. Different techniques for preschool will be indicated. The program focuses on pedagogical techniques. In addition, participants will be shown where they can find hundreds of activity examples. The program is simple and based on the use of waste materials in activities. Thus, our participants will be able to apply STEM training with the right techniques without the need for additional costs in their schools.

STEM Teacher Certificate Program Between the years 2006-2015 Project Based Training, Project Preparation Techniques, Scientific Project Management, Project Preparation and Management under the titles of 5 days and 30 hours of training in 27 hours of 10 teachers teaching 1060 and also the STEM School Assist. Assoc. Dr. It was prepared by Devrim Akgündüz. The program includes Project Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, STEM Activities, Design and Innovation Activities, Teamwork, Creativity and Creative Drama, Maker and STEM course plan preparation workshops.

The program is fully innovative and will support the professional development of teachers. Teachers of schools that want to make schools of STEM School must take this training. We believe that STEM Teacher Certificate, which will be given by İstanbul Aydın University, will be accepted as reference by private schools.