Youth Meeting 2011

Dear friends,
 NextGEN invites young people aged 16-25 from all over Europe to Tamera Ecovillage (Portugal) in July 2011 (7th-11th July) for a peer-to-peer youth meeting. 
 Please find attached the invitation of our Youth Gathering!
 Looking forward to meeting you in Tamera!
 Best wishes,
 The NextGEN team

NextGEN invites young people aged 16-25 from
all over Europe to Tamera Ecovillage Portugal in
July 2011  for a peer-to-peer youth meeting.
We wish  to create a space for   young people to share their   visions
and  motivation,  to  network  and  learn  new  social  tools.  The
gathering  will   offer   a  framework  in  which  the  creativity  of  youth
can run free, where ideas can be shared, developed and realized
and where individual and collective awareness are strengthened.
As  one  of  the  lecturers,  John  Croft   who  will   speak  on  Dragon
Dreaming  –  a  social  tool  for  personal  growth,  strengthening  of
communi t ies  and  par t i c ipator y  projec t   des ign.
Tamera in Southern  Portugal   is an  ecovillage  community known
for   its experimental  research  on  the  development  of  a  peaceful
culture worldwide. Approximately 200 people live, work and study
in  Tamera.   Our   youth  meeting  camping  site  is  within  walking
distance  to  the  GEN-Conference  (Global   Ecovillage  Network
Europe) which is taking place at  the same  time.  It will give us the
opportunity to get  in  touch with people  from  all   over   Europe and
Africa who  have  been  involved  in  the  ecovillage movement   for
many years. We are invited to  join  their presentations of  inspiring
projects in the evenings .

To  book  your  place  for   the
Youth  Meeting,  please  follow
the link:
ht tp: / /
a c t i v i t i e s / p r o j e c t s / y o u t h –
After  you  have  registered,  you
will receive a confirmatory Email
with  additional   information.  The
cost of  the Youth Meeting  is 25
EUR  per  night  (including  food
and  accommodation)  plus  the
travel  costs. We are able  to give
out  funds to  young people  who
would  like  to get more  involved
with NextGEN. Please state this
in  your  registration  and we  will
provide  you  wi th  more
information  on  how  to  access
financial support!
We look forward to meeting you.