You are invited to Ankara Off Season

You are invited to Ankara Off Season!

Dear Participants,
We are honored to hoşt our first Off Season Event in Ankara as Team 3390 and Ankara Tevfik Fikret Schools.
Team 3390 takes place in both national and international FRC events. This year, we are organizing Ankara Off Season Event at 22-25 November in Ankara Atatürk Sports Hail, aiming to support the youth who are the future of Turkey, to create a skilled vvorkforce and to spread FIRST values in our country, between the 22-25 November 2019 .
Team 3390, has adopted the values of FIRST, both individually and as a team as part of the philosophy of lifelong learning to spread the FRC effect from Turkey to ali around the world.

Dear young people,
With your continuous efforts you have used FRC values up to a very high level in order to create a road map that has definitely taken a very long time and I congratulate you vvholeheartedly. We will be glad to meet you in a pleasant tournament where we will be your partner.

Dear Colleagues and Mentors,
Sometimes you work even harder than students. I want you to know that your presence enhances your team’s faith in vvhat they do. You being with your team among us today is very valuable in order to boost the value given to STEM activities in our country’s education policy.

I wish success to ali teams.
Ayşe Başçavuşoğlu Director General of Schools

İn destination: Deep Space, presented by the Boeing company,we join two competing alliances collecting the samples on planet Primus. The first 15 seconds, a sandstorm limits driver Vision so robots are either pre- programmed ora re opersted by drivers via monitors.

Gaining points during sandstorm
1. Robotls leaving the habitat
2. Placing hatch panels
3. Loading cargos

Alliances continue gaining points:
1. Placing more hatch panels
2. Loading more cargo
3. Placing the robot safely back to the habitat.

• Increasing students’ interest in Science and technology
• Combining the concepts of career, school, university in the STEM ecosystem
• To enable them to work actively in STEM areas.
• To provide benefit to the society through students1 Science, technology and social responsibility projects.
• To develop inter-sectoral relations with educational institutions.
• To increase the design and production capabilities of the students by foliowing the technological developments.
• Developing social skills by increasing their sharing with peers.