In the world of change and progress, new needs emerge every day. In the past,changes used to happen in hundred or even thousand years , with the advancement of technology each day we have been learning and participating new things in our lives.There used to be a few important people in one region who changed the flow of life in long periods of time in old days,but nowadays millions of people around the World from almost every city are able to change the flow of life and even the future of the world.The world is now globalized and change is very fast.Too fast to control…
With the Industrial Revolution in England and then the Second World War, the order of the world began to break down. When men lost their power in battle , women also began to work outside the house . This current which was started in Europe and America in 1940-1950 emerged in 1970s in our country.Unfortunately ; too many women are still at home in The World…
More than half of the world’s population is women . Our developing and changing world does not have the luxury of keeping more than half of its population at home . So what area should women work in? There’s only one answer to that! In every field…
There are some influences on our genes that have been processed in our lives for thousands of years , and it is extremely difficult to come over them. One of them is that women’s interest in science is weaker than men . From what I’ve seen in my teaching profession for years, girls are less interested in science . Girls learn science later , they get harder. However, since girls are more hardworking, they forget the things they understand later , they assimilate more, and as a result of these they become more successful. But, in this process, girls can also quit science classes . In this process, we need to support girls for Science lessons.
“Women Science teachers”, who were the female students of the past, also raise future scientists, play a very important role in this issue .
Being a teacher is a difficult profession, being a woman teacher is more difficult, being a woman science teacher is the hardest . Our future depends on science ,so are the women science teachers who sprout science valued they deserve? No!!!
As I saw this problem ,i started the “Women Science Teachers” group on Facebook in 2014. Our group is growing more and more since then. There are teachers and academicians in our group all around the world . There are about 20% of men, not just women. Our group has the latest developments in science , educational systems, etc . Our group is unique as “Women Science Teachers” .
The place of ensuring gender equality is primarily at home and at school . At the same time, I think that we all owe to women teachers who raise both their children and the children entrusted on them, who are either mothers or mother candidates .


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