Why should we STEM?

Why should we STEM?

STEM, which consists of initials of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, means gelen root ına in English, aiming at transforming theoretical knowledge into practice, product and innovative discoveries, students’ sciences, technology, engineering It is an educational approach that is included in the curriculum of many countries in the world, which enables them to see the knowledge they learned in mathematics classes as parts of a whole.

The aim of STEM training, which involves solving real-world problems using technical knowledge and skills in all subjects, including arts and social sciences; to eliminate the interdisciplinary distinction, to create a full integration in a harmonious way and to raise a generation who can question, research, produce and make new inventions with this educational approach from kindergarten to university. Because since the development of a knowledge-based economy and scientific and technological innovations are becoming more important in the 21st century, this age is waiting for people to become producers and inventors; in this case, individuals, science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to reveal their knowledge in the field to put forward.

Industry 4.0 en is a digital, superior production system that reduces energy consumption to excess stocks, minima or zero. Industry 4.0; the human force of the man by almost zero to bring down the creative power, knowledge and skills by putting the production of digital connections integrated with high technology man-made, can communicate with each other artificial intelligence robots, manufactures a system that lifts people from factories, artificial intelligence robots called KOBOT.


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