We used to just imagine; interesting fictions of our childhood. Now it is time to mobilize those sweet thoughts that wander through our minds. A new generation, which responds to many new concepts such as back / forward transformation, innovation, open source, is now in production. Of course with the i Maker Movement Tabii.

Maker Movement; D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself), bringing together the culture of the world is spreading more and more every day.

On the basis of the inde Maker spirit i, according to the definition of Dale Dougherty, one of the pioneers of the maker movement
instead of competing sharing, money instead of talent,
Experience instead of intense memorization knowledge
there is.

Why is the “Maker Movement Eğitim important in our education system?

As Chris Anderson, one of the leaders of the movement, mentioned in his book Makers, is perhaps a third revolution that has interwoven industry and digitalism after the industrial revolution and the digital revolution. Considering that both the machines and the digital world come to a very good maturity, there is no dreaming of waiting for the two to create a distinct value.

With the development of 3D printers, it is possible to make the desired production at home or very simple workshops, and the simple electronic circuit kits such as aurdino can be integrated with them and the digital world by our imagination.

Now it’s easy to make our minds come true. With the help of the models we will find on the internet, with the help of 3D printers, we can make prototypes that are going to be very expensive for many weeks. Arduino, Littlebits-like electronic circuits and components, without the need for detailed information, what we can do as unlimited as our imagination. We’re starting to do what we want to do in a search engine. And our products are coming out without taking a long time.

We created our products but can we exhibit them?

There is also a Maker Faire where the Makers perform their work. Usually free or very low wages, pleasant environments where people can come and explore projects. The first was held in November 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey These fairs.

The places where the makers gather and produce together are called makerspace or hackerspace. Turkey, unfortunately, there are very few such formations.

We should also remember the importance of patents in the maker movement.

In order to protect Maker’s ideas and products from unfair competition and to develop the right and fair cooperation between the Maker and industry, the patents are very important. Here, of course, we are talking about patents that create value, can be licensed and are the output of an R & D process. Young Producers need professional support in testing and licensing their products through intellectual property rights. Thanks to their licensed patents, the Maker des have the opportunity to invest in national and international scale, to develop business associations and to build partnerships, and to continue to research, develop and produce new ideas and products.

I hope that the formation of the Maker movement will spread rapidly in our education system; I think we really need to produce in our time.

“Produce instead of consuming. There’s no need for much, just imagine.