What You Need to Know Before Starting Your University Life

What You Need to Know Before Starting Your University Life

1. It is very important to be ready for university. Studying English and math before making the first year makes a difference. We have many students who fail and fail in the first year.

2. You have to attend classes at the university. We need teachers who do their job well, students who do their job well.
It is very important for a student to attend classes whether he likes the teacher or the lesson or not.

In addition, especially in “good ivers universities, there are professors. Something he says, a referral, a recommendation can change your entire life.

Instead of closing the dorm room and playing computer games, you need to come to classes.

3. We lose a large number of students to the monster of depression. Especially students suffering from chronic depression should definitely attend schools close to their families. You need to get help. A similar situation applies to teachers.

4. Many students disappear in the university. There are so many students who drop out of school. This is the case at all universities. In Japan, Turkey as well as in the United States. The main reason for this is that young people find it difficult to find their way through the crowd. Stress, future anxiety, economic difficulties, psychological disorders. Students who do not attend classes are more likely to disappear. Instead of getting lost, we need help.

5. Many students are not happy in the department. Happy ones are lucky. There are many students who take the exam again and try to transfer. It’s not the end of the world. But it also makes sense to finish your part in the best way and then change your career. Because many students are not happy after changing university or department.

6. “Good” universities are very different from high school. Teachers are more “guides çok than“ teachers ”. At the same time, they have to do research, produce knowledge, and establish a sound academic ecosystem. 20-30 throughout the first university in Turkey, more or less, “horizon” There opener teachers. We need to take advantage of these teachers.


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