What is STEM Education?

What is STEM Education?

In our age, all individuals be curious, researcher and producer It is expected. For this reason,
ask questions, research, produce and they encourage them to reveals they need to take part in extractive education processes Seen.

Asking questions, researching, producing, reveal their skills and interests STEM in training processes disciplines project based learning STEM training activities they must be included.

STEM education Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics disciplines By eliminating the distinction between these disciplines, creating integration in a harmonious way, from kindergarten with a project-based education approach to university asking questions, investigating, producing and making new inventions aims at cultivation. With STEM training approach, creative thinking in the field of production and invention of students, critical
thinking, problem solving skills are being developed. Business when they enter the world of business life through project skills it is aimed to be able to adapt easily to the desired qualities.

STEM education, science and technology production and engineering orientation, giving students an interdisciplinary perspective and to enable students to implement their projects in a concrete way.
is one of the most important educational approaches someone can be said.

STEM education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics the theoretical knowledge in the fields of application, product and new discoveries it is important to allow it to be converted. Also, curious in teaching in primary and secondary schools, have the ability to ask questions, talented and relevant Determination of students, universities, Science, Technology, Orientation and encouragement in the fields of engineering and mathematics
aims to be. In addition, the to make trial and error learning, questioning, research, and invention
allows removal and development. In the labor market, production, R & D, innovation, technical infrastructure, process development and will serve to close the qualified labor shortage.

STEM training is now the whole world become a must for countries It has come. Developed countries only
content-based and memorized education system and education systems interdisciplinary
approach focus on learning It began.

The reason for this is In the information society individuals mentally project of thinking processes planning, management and production of skills and attitudes development as a necessity It is seen.

STEM education in today’s information and communication age important in terms of having sufficient knowledge in time based on project-based learning as soon as possible in our education system It is important that STEM training practices become widespread.

STEM trainings by carrying out project work and learn to cooperate and help them prepare for life.

Asking questions gained by our students about STEM education Through research, invention and product development skills graduates of our schools in business life success and their contribution to the economy of our country will increase.