STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths It is a teaching model created by bringing together four important disciplines.

STEM, a popular education system in the USA, is an education system that has been applied in many schools around the world.

With STEM, it is aimed to remove lessons such as Science and Mathematics from the memorization system, the applicability of the information in real life and the development of problem solving techniques / methods, and to highlight the features of curiosity, research and creativity.

STEM education is an approach that will teach students that it is a mathematics to cope with problems in daily life and increase their ability to think differently and seek new solutions for various processes.

With STEM, students improve their knowledge and skills in science, mathematics and technology with activities that will use them to solve real-life problems.

STEM trainings enable the development of behaviors, which are one of the necessary strategies to increase the quality of workforce in the world.

With STEM education, it aims to increase the productivity and responsibility skills of the society by transferring the skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, trial-error, learning by doing, questioning, researching and making inventions at an early age.

The STEM education system prepares students for success in many areas from agriculture to industry, from environmental management to healthcare and transportation. Moreover, the model is not limited to the fields of science, mathematics and technology. If desired, it can be easily adapted to departments such as grammar, literature and fine arts.

Another purpose of STEM education is to eliminate the distinction between disciplines, to create full integration in harmony and to raise a generation that can question, research, produce and make new inventions with this educational approach from kindergarten to university.

STEM from a different perspective; The transformation of theoretical knowledge into practice, that is, to produce a new product, is called STEM.

The approach of integrating all the principles and benefits of STEM education into or through art is called STEAM. Taking STEM education to another level, STEAM adds Art as a fifth discipline between science, technology, engineering and mathematics branches.

STEM education is an education that supports mental process development, entrepreneurship and product development skills.

It encourages students to think with flexibility and confidence.

It allows to gain century skills.

It provides shorter and shorter solutions to the problems they encounter.

It increases the motivation to learn.

It provides design-oriented thinking and being innovative.

The content of the training program provides a refreshing learning environment.

It allows students to discover new discoveries and to better understand the relationship between events.

Improves students’ self-confidence and self-efficacy through collaboration and independent study.

Critical thinking, problem solving, questioning, creative intelligence, etc. It improves mental functions.


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