Veli Semineri: Zeka ve Bilgelik Arasında: Özel Yetenekli Çocuklar

Özel Çocuklar
Özel Yetenekli Çocuklar

Veli Semineri: Dr Ogr Üyesi Burcu Seher ÇALIKOĞLU semineri “Zeka ve Bilgelik Arasında: Özel Yetenekli Çocuklar” 28 Kasım 2021 Saat 19:30da

UYCEP Online Family Seminar
Fill in the registration form to participate in our Online Family Seminar program called “GENERAL ERRORS IN SPECIAL TALENT FAMILIES”, which will be held on November 28, 2021 at 19.30.

Uycep Online Family Seminar
In order for gifted individuals to perform at the highest level in the education process, the family as well as the school should actively participate in the education process. A healthy communication will be established between the family and the educational institution, thanks to the participation of the families in the trainings organized by other institutions, especially UYCEP, and expressing their wishes and needs. This talent, which is currently characterized by the concept of special talent in our country, can also be expressed with different concepts. Concepts such as giftedness and giftedness are the basic concepts used in the field from the very beginning to the last. In this sense, trainings are carried out on these various uses in seminar studies. Environmental effects cause each child to receive different warnings and effects from the environment. With the addition of a gifted and talented member to the family, the current dynamics completely changes. The gifted and talented child who uses the time, energy and resources of the parents is considered an important task that the family has to deal with. One situation is the problem of siblings who are also thought to be affected by hereditary traits. In the concept of giftedness and talent, in which hereditary characteristics are generally taken into account, siblings can generally show similar characteristics. In this sense, a balanced family education process should be planned for all children. If the difference between the siblings of the child, who is endowed with extraordinary abilities, is not handled well by the parents, it can lead to consequences that disrupt all family relations and seriously damage the self-confidence of the children. In this sense, individual development should be provided in order to meet the needs of gifted and talented children, taking into account all their characteristics and needs.

Program Date and Time
The program will be carried out in the 2021-2022 Academic Year.
The program will be done through the “Zoom” program. You can visit “” to download the Zoom program.
The program date is November 28, 2021.
Program implementation hours:
Time: It will be held between 19.30.

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