Unilever IdeaTrophy

Unilever IdeaTrophy is a creative marketing experience, where you will figure out how business works in real life while developing your skills and competencies. Unilever IdeaTrophy offers a unique learning experience for all participants at all stages, the winners will also be enjoying an international experience in London besides other exciting prizes!

Every year, a leading Unilever brand or function is selected as the sole focus of Unilever IdeaTrophy.

The challenge first started in 2001 with OMO and went on with Algida in 2002, Lipton Ice Tea in 2003, Dove in 2004, Knorr Çabuk Çorba in 2005, Lipton in 2006, Customer Development in 2007, Cornetto in 2008, Axe in 2009, OMO in 2010, Lipton in 2012, Magnum in 2013, Rexona in 2014, OMO in 2015, Knorr Çabuk Çorba in 2016, Axe in 2017 and Cornetto in 2018.

And this year Elidor is looking for purposeful and creative ideas to open up possibilities for girls in the 18th Edition of Unilever IdeaTrophy. Are you in?

Purposeful and creative ideas
Your excitement and ambition to open up possibilities for girls
Accurate understanding of haircare category, its drivers and market conditions
Coherency with the target audience and a deep understanding of young women
Creativity based on sound analysis and strong strategy as well as personal insights and observations
Being on the brief
Applicability with business life
Effectiveness & clarity in all verbal and written language

There are three phases in the 18th Edition of Unilever IdeaTrophy with Elidor and here they are!

Apply in 4 simple steps:

Register from the Apply section by filling in your personal and contact information.
Answer the questions in the form.
Make a 60-second-long team introduction video and upload it.
(Click here to see sample videos for inspiration)
Hit the submit button and complete your submission no later than 21 October 2019, Monday, by 17.00. As a result of this phase, 30 teams to go through and to take part in the semi-finals will be announced on 24 October 2019, Thursday.
This phase will feature a case study for the participants to come up with purposeful & creative ideas.Teams entitled to participate in the Semi-Finals will be provided with a marketing brief, which will be available in the Brief section of Unilever IdeaTrophy website on 24 October 2019, Thursday. From then on, teams will be preparing their presentation in response to the brief given.

During this phase, the semi-finalists will be able to watch “Open Your Mind” videos, which will include useful hints, tips and insights from experts of the relevant fields. The videos will be uploaded shortly after the release of the brief and will be accessible using their username and the password created during the application.

The teams are expected to submit their semi-final presentations from the Submit section of the Unilever IdeaTrophy website no later than 11 November 2019, Monday, by 17.00.

Each team will have to join a Skype call with Unilever executives on 12 November 2019, Tuesday during their assigned session to make their presentation. So, you will need a Skype account for your whole team, and we will be contacting you using this username you provided during your application. Each team will have 5 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions. Please do not forget to add Unilever IdeaTrophy Skype account (ideatrophy.team) before the Semi-Finals Skype Sessions.

As a result of these online sessions, 10 finalist teams to attend to the Final Camp will be announced on 13 November 2019, Wednesday.

Finalist teams, attending to the legendary Final Camp of Unilever IdeaTrophy, will be given an additional brief to improve their Semi-Finals ideas.

The Final Camp will be start on 12 December 2019, Thursday in Istanbul, where the finalists will receive mentoring from Unilever Türkiye team on their presentations and will have the chance to review their presentations one last time. The finalists will make their presentations to the Unilever Türkiye Board on 13 December 2019, Friday.

The winning team, the first and the second runners-up of the 18th Edition of Unilever IdeaTrophy with Elidor will be announced on 13 December 2019, Friday during the Award Ceremony and will receive exciting awards. The winning team will also get the opportunity to represent Turkey in the Global Unilever IdeaTrophy Competition in 2020.