4th Edition

1. General Rules
To pursue the long-standing tradition of UniCredit and reflect its European
dimension, UniCredit & Universities Foundation announces 25 (twenty five)
grants aimed at students of UniCredit geography for a 3 month Summer
Internship abroad at UniCredit.

2. Details concerning the grants
Each grant is worth € 700 per month (gross of taxes) for a 3/6-month period of
internship abroad starting from June 2017. In addition, the Foundation will pay
the winners a fixed amount of € 1,000 for travel, visa or any other expenses.

3. Eligibility requirements
To be eligible for the competition, applicants must:
1. either be a citizen of any of the countries1 where UniCredit is present
(UniCredit geography) and be a university student2
in the fields of
economics, finance, banking, management, engineering, mathematics,
informatics, law or similar fields, at least in her/his 2nd year of study (if
undergraduates) at any university in the world
2. or be citizens of any nationality and university student2
in the fields of
economics, finance, banking, management, engineering, law or similar fields,
at least in her/his 2nd year of study (if undergraduates) at any university
in the 14 countries of UniCredit perimeter1
3. have a very good knowledge of English
4. have high academic performance
5. match the specific requirements of the position she/he is applying for,
if any
6. be wishing to spend 3 months abroad in one of the UniCredit legal
entities present in the countries listed in this announcement (Art.7)
The grants are aimed to do a 3-month internship abroad starting from June
The determination of non-possession of one or more of the above requirements could
imply the revocation of the grant.

4. How to apply
Candidates may only apply online using the platform on the UniCredit
website at ,
following the procedure instructions.
In short, to apply, candidates have to:
1. go to UniCredit website at
2. click on the “International Internship Program” section and select the
Job position they are interested to
3. register their data and submit their application
4. fill in the online assessment they will receive via email
All the documentation accompanying the application must be submitted
exclusively online in PDF format and must be written in English.

Closing date for presentation of the application
Candidates’ applications, complete with the accompanying documentation,
must be delivered by Internet no later than March 26th 2017 following the
procedure indicated in the aforementioned internet site. When this time limit is
reached, the online platform will be disabled.

6. Scientific Committee
The Scientific Committee, appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, is
composed of members among academics experts from the main European
countries in economics and finance. The Foundation’s Scientific Committee,
together with UniCredit HR representatives, will be responsible for the selection
procedure and will identify the winners of the grants and each final destination.

7. UniCredit locations available for the internship
The UniCredit locations available for the internship are: Austria, Bosnia &
Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia,

8. Date of award of the grants
The grants will be awarded by May 2
nd 2017 by the Chairman of the
Foundation on the basis of the final decision expressed by the Scientific
Committee as provided for under art. 6.

9. Documentation to be presented after awarding of the grants
The recipients of the grants must send via e-mail the following documents
(failure to do so may result in forfeiture of the grant), no later than 10 days of
their being informed of being awarded the grants:
1.a certificate of citizenship
2.a declaration indicating the starting and ending date of the internship program
3.a letter/certification of the University attesting that the internship is part of the
academic course
4.a formal acceptance of the assigned UniCredit internship destination.

10. Requirements for receipt of the grants
The recipients are obliged to follow the assigned plan of internship in the
country and UniCredit legal entity decided by the Scientific Committee. Any
departure from this must be authorized in advance by the Foundation based on
valid and documented reasons. UniCredit in turn will assign each winner a
tutor, who will follow her/him for the entire duration of the internship.

11. Method of payment
Depending on the hosting country and abiding by local regulations and legal
requirements, the grant is paid:
– in advance in a unique installment by the Foundation or
– as a monthly allowance by the UniCredit hosting Legal Entity
In addition to the grant, the Foundation will pay the winners a fixed amount of
€1,000 for travel, visa or any other expenses.
The Foundation/UniCredit reserves right not to grant the entire amount of the
grant/monthly allowance in case the winner decides not to complete the 3-
month internship.

12. Possible cooperation with UniCredit Companies
UniCredit reserves the right to offer those awarded the grants interviews
finalized to employment or any other form of cooperation with Group

13. Acceptance of all the conditions of the regulations
Participation in the competition implies unconditional acceptance of the
entire contents of these regulations.