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Uluslararası Üstün Yetenekliler/ Zekalılar Konferansı

Dear Academicians, Specialists, School Administrators, Teachers, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Families;

SIt is our pleasure to invite you to join the International Conference on the Talented and Gifted which will be held in Ankara on May 4-6, 2017. The conference will be hosted by Gazi University within the scope of the European Union ERASMUS+ KA 2 project titled as Strategies for Talented and Gifted Pupils’ Teachers.

The conference has an interdisciplinary feature not only providing chance to benefit from scientific exchange, but also opportunities to establish contact collaboration among colleagues all over the world, school administrators, teachers, teacher candidates and families.

The theme of the conference is “New Approaches and Educational Practices” with the topics listed below;

•Concept of gifted/talented
•Identification of gifted/talented children •Early intervention
•Education of gifted/talented
•Twice Exceptional (2e)
•Educational practices
•Use of technology in education
•Teacher training
•Assessment and evaluation of gifted / talented children in education
•Psychological counseling and guidance
•Parenting education
•Country policies
•the Problems

The program will include speeches of keynotes speakers from Turkey and abroad and oral presentations. Participation in the conference is free but limited to 300 participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference which will be held in Gazi University.

On behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee
Prof.Dr. Esra Ömeroğlu

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