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ENVIROFILM is a member of the International Association of Environmental Festivals ECOMOVE INTERNATIONAL

My life and inner feelings are determined by nature where I seek and luckily also find freedom. It is the kind of freedom, which allows me to understand more sensitively the meaning of things around us and to experience moments of happiness with great intensity. It enables me to work and share my knowledge with the audience.
The role of film makers is not only to reveal secrets of the world but also to commemorate everyday miracles of nature, which the viewer may not notice under the stress of these days. And therefore for every film maker it is important to have a direct feedback from the audience and the nicest feeling for him is a crowded cinema hall as we are experiencing at Envirofilm.

Pavol Barabáš, Film director and documentarist


The deadline for the submission of entry forms and films 7 February 2014
Selection Committee meeting 20 – 23 February 2014
The deadline for the submission of the registration form
for the personal attendance 30 April 2014
Opening ceremony of the Festival 19 May 2014
Awarding ceremony of the Festival 23 May 2014
Projection of winning films 24 May 2014


I. Basic Provisions

The Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic is the promulgator of ENVIROFILM 2014 and the Slovak Environmental Agency in Banská Bystrica and NGO Envirofilm n.o. are the organisers of the Festival in co-operation with the Union of Slovak Television Programme Makers, the Slovak Film Institution, Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region, city of Banská Bystrica, the Slovak Olympic Committee, State Nature Conservancy of Slovakia, the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Matej Bel University and the RTVS (Radio and TV of Slovakia).
The objective of the Festival is to present and award new films, TV programmes that by their contents and artistic level help to disseminate ideas about nature and environmental protection.
ENVIROFILM provides an opportunity for international co-operation and exchange of opinions and helps to find new ways for their application. It is a meeting place for creative filmmakers and experts.
The programme of the Festival consists of the international contest of films, TV programmes, projection of non-competition films, conferences, professional and creative seminars and workshops, discussions with public, press conferences, exhibitions, international competitions and accompanying events for children and youth.
Film submitted for the Festival should focus on nature and environmental protection, sustainable development, environmental friendly technologies and healthy lifestyle.
The 20th International Festival ENVIROFILM will be held on 19 – 24 May 2014 in Banská Bystrica.
Slovak and English are official Festival languages.
ENVIROFILM is the member of the Association of Environmental Festivals ECOMOVE International (www.ecomove.de).
II. Participation Conditions

Producers, distributors, owners, authors and legal entities may submit films for the international contest.
Only films and videos produced after the 1st January 2011 will be accepted for the international contest. Participation in other festivals does not preclude from the participation in ENVIROFILM. There is no limit to the number of films and video programmes that may be submitted for the competition.
The organiser prefers following formats:
DVD of the highest quality without copy protection
mini DV, DV and DVCAM in PAL standard
Betacam SP in PAL standard
Blu-ray disc
Films sent on SVHS, VHS and Betacam digital cassette shall not be accepted.

The optimum length of films and video programmes is 1 hour and less.
Every film must include a title and be accompanied by the completed entry form.
A short film summary (annotation) in English, German, Czech or Slovak is requested. The text should be sent on both a CD in DOC (MS-Word) format and as a hard copy, or by e-mail at the address: envirofilm@sazp.sk.
The film must be accompanied with a dialogue list in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Czech or Slovak with scientific (Latin) names of flora and fauna. Films without the dialogue list will not be accepted for the competition.
Films and videocassettes must be delivered to the address shown on the entry form before
7 February 2014. Mail and insurance charges are to be covered by the sender, costs connected with the return of cassettes by the Festival organisers.

III. International Contest

The Pre-selection Committee, appointed by the Festival Director and consisting of experts from the field of film and television and environmental protection, will decide which films and video programmes will be submitted for competition.
The International Professional Jury consisting of film and TV personalities and environmentalists from Slovakia and abroad will evaluate films and videos selected for inclusion in the international contest. The Festival Director appoints the Jury chairman and members.
Films, TV and video programmes shall be classified in following categories:
A Journalistic programmes and films
B Documentaries
C Educational and instructive video programmes and films
D Free production and films for children and youth (advertisement spots, animations, puppet films, features, video clips, etc.)

The International Jury will decide on following awards:
a) GRAND PRIX of ENVIROFILM endowed with 3 500 EUR
b) The prize in each category
c) The prize for the best film by a Slovak director endowed with 2 000 EUR
d) The Jury ma y recommend the awarding of additional prizes

The prize for the best amateur film
Prizes for the best camera, production, script, sound track
Prizes of cooperating organisations and partners
The prize awarded by the children jury
A non-statutory prize will be awarded during the Awarding Ceremony. This is the Prize of the Union of Slovak Television Programme Makers and the Literature Fund for a young filmmaker. This prize is governed by its own rules.
IV. Personal Attendance

Registration forms for personal attendance are to be sent to the address of the organisers by
30 April 2014

Accredited participants will obtain information materials at the time of registration and will have free entry to the Festival and to all accompanying events.
The costs connected with the stay in the Festival are to be covered by participants themselves.
The Festival organisers provide for and cover the cost of accommodation for awarded authors or their representatives, lecturers and performers in accompanying events.
V. Final Provisions

In order to ensure a high quality of the public projection, competing films will be screened only from miniDV, betacam SP, HDV, Blu-ray. The entrants will be asked to send a film copy on some of the above-mentioned professional carriers.
The entrant agrees with subtitling or dubbing of his film into the Slovak language and with using the Festival and the sponsor’s logo with the film and presenting it thus at the Festival. Just the subject authorized by the Festival organisers is entitled to do the film transcript.
The awarded entries remain in the video library of the Slovak Environmental Agency and will not be used for commercial purposes.
After the Festival, films and video programmes will be screened from September to December 2013 at post-festival non-commercial cine-meetings in the Slovak Republic to support public environmental education.
Selected and awarded films may be screened in the television in the territory of the Slovak Republic only with the approval of the entrant in connection with the promotion of Envirofilm and also in the competition of ECOmove International.
The non-awarded works will be returned only upon request.
By submitting a film for the contest the entrant confirms that he/she has read the Rules of the Festival and consents to them.
The Slovak version of the Rules is binding. Legal relations among entrants, Festival participants, the Festival promulgator and organiser will be governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic.

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