Uluslararası Öğrenci Dizayn Yarışması-2014

The International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC) and UN-Habitat have launched the International Student Design Competition 2014 – A Society for All Ages.
The competition invites architecture students around the world to join the competition and show their creative talents in developing solutions, which integrate older persons into the fabric of the community and fully include them in all social, cultural, and productive activities.
The competition aims at answering future urban challenges:
– Is it possible to design successful, diversified and multi-generational communities for older adults including aspects of information and communication technology (ICT)?
– How are older adults fully integrated, connected to and fully engaged in their communities?.

To enter the competition, individually or in teams, undergraduate or graduate students must register by 15 September 2013 and submit projects by 31 December 2013.
Two winners for the first, second and third place will be awarded cash prizes.

Find out more: http://international-iccc.org


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