Uluslararası Kafkas Ormancılığı Sempozyumu

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Faculty of Forestry at Artvin Coruh University, “International Caucasian Forestry Symposium” will be held in Artvin, Turkey. Located on the southwestern corner of the Caucasus Region, Faculty of Forestry at Artvin Coruh University has been a vibrant hub of scientific research and exchange, contributing significantly to natural resources management in the region. It is believed that such an event will help to summarize past achievements and open new horizons for scientific research and multinational collaboration among the nations in the region.

Among the other forest services the need of clean water for human use is dramatically increasing as the population of the world is increasing. The sustainable forest management is of the vital importance for the richness of biodiversity, the protection from soil erosion and desertification, the continuous supply of fresh water, and the prevention from floods.

The purpose of the symposium is to discuss the sustainable forest management practices with respect to forest ecology, soil erosion and water pollution, plant and animal diversity, climate change, wood science and technology, landscape architecture and urban design issues at a scientific setting with scientist, experts and practitioners from universities, institutes, government agencies, and relevant shareholders from various regions of the World.

All written content of abstracts, papers, posters and presentations should be in English. Presenters can opt to present their oral presentations in Turkish, Georgian or English provided that all visual aids used in the presentation are in English. Translation between English, Turkish and Georgian will be provided for question and answer session at the end of each presentation.


Land-use management
Forest management
Forest water interactions
Forest insect damages
Forest ecology
Climate change
Silvicultural approaches to nature conservation
Water and air pollution
Sedimentation and erosion
Fire ecology and management
Riparian ecosystems
GIS application in natural resources
Forest products transportation
Forest economics
Pulp and paper
Wood mechanics and technology
Wood and wood product chemistry
Properties and utilization of timber
Wood products marketing
Wood biology and protection
Relationship between culture and environment
Landscape architecture and urban design
National parks and protected areas

Registration to Symposium Website

Please follow the link below to register to the symposium website. Before submitting an abstract you must register to the web site.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts are being sought for oral presentations and posters covering a wide range of topics in forestry, wood science and landscape design. Abstract submission takes place under the “User Home” tab in the webpage. To submit an abstract, click on “New Submission” to complete the process. In the end you will see a “submission complete” message on the page you are directed. You can keep track status of your abstract in User Home. All submissions will be handled online through the symposium web page. ABSTRACTS MUST BE RECEIVED VIA THE WEB SITE ON OR BEFORE 13 MAY 2013. Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered.
Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee for originality, technical merit, currency and relevance to the conference topics. If your abstract is accepted, you will be given the opportunity to publish a paper in the symposium proceedings. Corresponding authors of accepted abstracts will be notified with an e-mail message before 17 June 2013. Before submitting your abstract, please have all the following information ready:
Name, title, affiliation, full mailing address, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers of the main contact and the presenting author.
Names, affiliations and e-mail addresses of co-authors.
Type of presentation (Oral Presentation or Poster). Please write this information to the box under the “Comments for Conference Director”.
Abstract title.
Abstract (maximum 500 words) with no graphics.
Maximum six key words.

Registration to Symposium

Symposium fee: 100 TL (The fee covers all symposium documents, scientific sessions, coffee breaks, lunches and field trip. It DOES NOT cover accommodation.)

Bank: T. C. ZİRAAT BANKASI A. Ş. Branch:148-Artvin
Account No: 29233985-5003
IBAN: TR18 0001 0001 4829 2339 8550 03

Once the fee is transferred to the account, please register to the symposium using the link below
All the symposium attendees including reader, author or reviewer are required to register to the symposium. Attending to symposium without a registration is not allowed.

Important Dates
Abstract submission deadline13 May 2013
Announcement of accepted abstracts 17 June 2013
Full paper submission deadline 9 September 2013
Registration deadline 9 September 2013
Symposium Dates 24-26 October 2013


Honorary President

Dr. Mehmet DUMAN, President

Artvin Coruh University


Dr. Fahrettin TİLKİ, Dean

Faculty of Forestry, Artvin Coruh University

Executive Secretary


Artvin Coruh University

Scientific Committee

Dr. Cengiz ACAR, Karadeniz Technical University

Dr. Abdullah Emin AKAY, Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University

Dr. Süleyman AKBULUT, Duzce University

Dr. Validə Mövsüm qızı ƏLİ-ZADƏ, AMEA Institute of Botany

Dr. Emin Zeki BAŞKENT, Karadeniz Technical University

Dr. Zviad CHEİSHVİLİ, Agricultural University of Georgia

Dr. Özgür EMİNAĞAOĞLU, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Habip EROĞLU, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Zakir Abbas oğlu İBRAHİMOV, Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

Dr. Sami İMAMOĞLU, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Ramazan KURT, Bursa Technical University

Dr. Nato KOBAKHİDZE, International Black Sea University

Dr. Haldun MÜDERRİSOĞLU, Duzce University

Dr. Zafer ÖLMEZ, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Mehmet ÖZALP, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Atakan ÖZTÜRK, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Hüseyin PEKER, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Bülent SAĞLAM, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Temel SARIYILDIZ, Kastamonu University

Dr. Otar SHAİNİDZE, Shota Rustaveli State University

Dr. Turan SÖNMEZ, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Hilal TURGUT, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Hacı Məmmədtağı oğlu ŞIXLİNSKİ, AMEA Institute of Genetic Resources

Dr. İbrahim TURNA, Karadeniz Technical University

Dr. Aydın TÜFEKÇİOĞLU, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Tengiz F. URUSHADZE, Georgian Soil Science Society

Dr. H. Ahmet YOLASIĞMAZ, Artvin Coruh University

PhD. Vügar Nəzir oğlu KƏRİMOV, AMEA Institute of Botany

Organizing Committee

Dr. Medea BURJANADZE, Agricultural University of Georgia

Dr. Sadık ÇAĞLAR, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Vahid FARZALİYEV, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Dr. Temel GÖKTÜRK, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Emrah PEŞMAN, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Otar SHAİNİDZE, Shota Rustaveli State University

Dr. Archil SUPATASHVİLİ, Agricultural University of Georgia

Dr. Fatih TEMEL, Artvin Coruh University

Dr. Bülent TURGUT, Artvin Coruh University

Ph.D. Davit KHARAZİSHRİLİ, Batumi Botanical Garden

Res. Ass. Selçuk AKBAŞ, Artvin Coruh University

Res. Ass. Ufuk DEMİRCİ, Artvin Coruh University

Res. Ass. Derya SARI, Artvin Coruh University

Res. Ass. Saim YILDIRIMER, Artvin Coruh University

Artvin Coruh University
Faculty of Forestry
Seyitler Campus, 08000-ARTVIN
Phone: 466 215 1035-40
Fax: 0466 215 1034
e-mail: icfs@artvin.edu.tr

Executive Secretary
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mustafa TÜFEKÇİOĞLU
e-mail: mtufekcioglu61@artvin.edu.tr