Uluslararası Enerji Hammadeleri ve Enerji Zirvesi 2015

Uluslararası Enerji Hammadeleri ve Enerji Zirvesi (INERMA’15)

INERMA 2015 Topics

1. Energy and Energy Strategies in Turkey and in the World

2. Energy Raw Materials

3. Coal and Energy

– Exploration, Exploitation and Beneficiation
– Clean Coal, Liquiefaction and Gasification
– Powerplants and Emission Controls

4. Petroleum and Energy

– Exploration, Production
– Utilisation

5. Natural Gas and Energy

– Exploration, Production
– Powerplants and Emission Control

6. Shale Gas and Energy

7. Hydroelectric Energy

– Water Resources
– Powerplants

8. Nuclear Materials and Energy

– Uranium, Torium Exploration, Exploitation and Beneficiation
– Fuel Technologies
– Nuclear Powerplant Technologies

9. Geo-thermal Energy

– Exploration and Production
– Utilisation

10. Bio-Fuel Technologies

11. Solar and Wind Energy



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