Turizm İşletmeciliği Bölümü Semineri‏


Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Uygulamalı Bilimler Yüksek Okulu Turizm
İşletmeciliği Bölümü tarafından düzenlenen ve Utrecht Üniversitesi’nden
Prof. Dr. Giep Hagoort ‘in konuk konuşmacı olarak sunum yapacağı ‘Art
Management Entrepreneurship’ semineri, 8 Mart Cuma günü saat 14:00’de
Rektörlük Konferans Salonu’nda yapılacak.

Seminere katılımlarınızla bizleri onurlandırmanızı rica ederiz.

Synopsis On Cultural Entrepreneurship by Prof. Giep Hagoort

The presentation will be focused on cultural management, its
characteristics and perspectives.

Cultural entrepreneurship is a mentality and a method to put cultural
management on a higher level. Both management approaches will be seen in
the context of the cultural and creative industries. Opportunities for
the future will be explored: urban developments, digital environments,
cross overs and DIY (Do It Yourself) actions from the new and young
artists and entrepreneurs.

Giep Hagoort (1948) is cultural entrepreneur and professor Art and
Economics of the Utrecht University and the Utrecht School of the Arts
(HKU). He is also founder-dean of the Amsterdam School of Management.

Prof. Giep Hagoort innovates educational practices and develops
educational strategies for the field of arts and media management.

Publishes regularly in professional journals. Initiated and edited in

2000 the Handbook Art Management Entrepreneurial Style. Obtained his
doctorate in 1998 with a thesis on strategy formation in the creative
sector. As a researcher his main subjects are cultural entrepreneurship,
Cultural Business Modelling, strategic management, cultural and creative
industries, creative cities and regions (some studies have been related
to of the European Policy). He Is key speaker in the NYU/HKU- seminar
Arts Management in Europe and research leader of CURE, a network of
seven European cities. In 2012 he initiated an international conference
on Sustainability and Cultural Entrepreneurship.


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