The idea of the Soccer Cup

•) A football tournament, that takes place twice a year (Graz), especially for youth- and social institutions and young people (age 12-18 years), which don’t play in a club but have a lot of fun playing football.

•) A football tournament with the social aspect in foreground and absolutely no intention to make any money.  A football tournament for young people of different origin. It should be a meaningful leisure time activity without alcohol.

. A football tournament with the meeting and getting in contact of the participating youth institutions in foreground.

•) A football tournament for girls, too. Each team must have at least one girl playing!

•) A football tournament with fun on and off the field: Table tennis, table soccer, creative action points, different soccer competitions and many ore will shorten the breaks. A big tournament-final with VIP-coaches, hymns and pyrotechnical effects will make the SSC an event.

•) A football tournament with long lasting contacts, relationships and exchange between the participating youth institutions. Together we work against prejudices but for Fair Play of any kind.

•) A football tournament, which is attractive for young people.
A low competitor-fee per team ( € 30,– max), interesting opponents (from all over Austria and foreign countries), a lot of games, short breaks and a unique atmosphere.

•) A football tournament, which attracts different kinds of media.
The villages of Gratwein and Gratkorn and the supporters (sponsors) are able to present themselves in the public.

•) A football tournament, which disproves a lot of prejudices about young people. It shows how peaceful, but nevertheless enthusiastic, more than 300 youngsters participate and compete in a wonderful event!


•) 1×12 minutes per match, no change of sides.

•) Each team consists of 5 field players and one goalkeeper (+ substitutes).
During the whole game at least one girl of each team has to be on the field.
If, for any reason, one team has no girl available to play, the team must finish the tournament with one player less on the field.

•) Blue card means 2 minutes penalty, red card means exclusion for the rest of the current and the following match. In serious cases teams may be excluded from the tournament.

•) If two teams of one group have the same amount of points after the preliminary round, advancement to quarterfinals will be decided by: the best score difference, then the highest number of scores and finally the score of the direct meeting of the two teams. If there is still no difference, a 7m-shot contest will fix the advancer.

•) In case of a tie-game at the finals (quarter-, semi- and final),
6 minutes overtime will be added to the match. In that part of the game the first score decides which team wins the game (golden goal),but every single minute one player of each team has to leave the field. If there’s no decision after overtime, a 7m-shot contest of three shots each team will fix the advancer.

•) No offside rule, but back pass rule. This means the goalkeeper is not allowed to pick up a pass from a team member by hand.

•) Exchange of players is always possible.

•) The referee can decide to play overtime.


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