The Annual International Symposium on the Active Learning

The Annual International Symposium on the Active Learning (ISAL)will be held on 06-08 September 2019 in Adana with the cooperation of Active Learning Association, Adana Governorship and Adana National Education Directorate. The main theme of the symposium is determined as learning by doing activities and 21st century skills and it is expected that scientific studies will be handled in this theme. In order to improve our quality at every level of education, the contributions you will give to this congress, which we aim to create an interdisciplinary working environment ,are valuable for us. For this reason, we are honored to invite educators, managers, experts, teachers, graduate students and all those who are devoted to education to ISAL 2019 to discuss the topics in the symposium theme. In the context of ISAL 2019, invited speakers from different countries will be hosted and a full text paper will be published with the special ISBN number in accordance with the 2018 academic incentive criteria. We will be honored to host you in Adana, which is one of Turkey’s most beautiful provinces, the pearl of the Mediterranean with unique history and nature. We wolud like to see you in Adana between 06-08 September 2019 Lookig forward to seeing you in Adana between 26-28 April 2019 …

Sincerely yours.
On behalf of organization committe
Assoc. Proof. Dr. Meryem Nur AYDEDE

Symposium Topics
‘Education in the 21st century’ was determined as the main theme of ISAL 2019. Other topics are;

•Science Education
•Physics Education
•Biology Education
•Chemistry Education
•Mathematics Education
•Environmental Education
•Philosophy Education
•Guidance and psychological counseling
•Social Studies Education
•History Education
•Turkish Education
•Turkish Language and Literature Education
•Preschool Education
•Special education
•Geography Education
•Child Development and Education
• Religious Culture and Moral Education
•Physical education
•Art Education

•Foreign language education
• Lifelong learning
• Adult Education
•Education Management
•Educational technology
•Cultural Foundations of Education
•Education Management and Policy
•Educational Sciences
•Multicultural education
•Democracy education
•Democratic citizenship and human rights education
•Thinking education
•Curriculum development, learning and teaching in primary education
•Curriculum developmen, learning and teaching in preschool education
•Higher education curriculums, learning and teaching
•Instructional design
•Teacher training
•Measurement and evaluation in education
•STEM education