The 5th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2015

Dear Colleague,

The 5th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2015 (ICLTIBM-2015) will be held between the dates of 10-12 December 2015 at Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

The conference is organized jointly by Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli, Turkey, and Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

The 5th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2015 (ICLTIBM-2015) aims to be the general forum for the presentation of new advances and research result in the fields of theoretical, experimental and applied leadership, technology, innovation and business management. The conference will bring together leading researchers, economists, businesspeople, managers, engineers and scientists in this field of study from around the world. Our distinguished participants will have the opportunity to present their valuable scientific contributions and to establish an international network among those who volunteer to communicate and study together in the field of business management.

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Leadership, Technology, Innovation and Business Management 2015 (ICLTIBM-2015) will be published on-line by Elsevier in “Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences” publication, which is indexed in the Science Direct Database.

Manuscripts without the required format will not be accepted. All manuscripts should be professionally proofread before the submission. You can use for professional proofreading, editing, etc.

Some of the papers will be selected and published in the Journal of Global Strategic Management, an internationally refereed journal published twice a year by the International Strategic Management and Managers Association and indexed by Cabells Directories and Global Impact Factor, and Asos Index.

Prospective authors are invited to submit full and original research papers which have not been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere.

Please submit your papers to [email protected]

For detailed information please visit

Chairman of the Conference
Prof. Dr. Cemal ZEHIR

Prof. Dr. Lutfihak ALPKAN
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehtap OZŞAHIN

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Accounting Information Systems
Accounting Theory & Practice
Business Management Areas
Business Communications
Business Education
Business Ethics
Business Law
Case studies related to Business
Computer Information System
Computer Applications for Nursing
Corporate Finance
Cross-disciplinary areas of Business (International)
Database Design, Systems Design and other areas of Database
Decision Sciences
Economic Development
Educational Administration
Emerging Technologies
Engineering (related to business)
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leaders
Environmental Technology and Innovation Management
Financial Institutions & Markets
Financial Services
Global Production Networks
Government & Non-Profit Accounting
Health and Hospital Administration
Health Administration & Leadership
Health Care Management
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Issues in Innovation
Human Resources, Management & Coding Supervision
Human-Computer Interaction
Incubation Centers and Techno parks for Innovation
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Organization
Industry Psychology (Business)
Information and Communication Technology Management
Information Systems, Technology &Quality Improvement
Innovation and Leadership Issues within Multinational Corporations
Innovation and Management of Renewable Resources
Innovation for Green Technologies
Innovation for Low-Income Markets and Social Innovation
Innovation for Sustainable Development
Innovation in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Technologies
Innovation in Services, Logistics and Supply-Chain Management
Innovation, Management and Technology
Innovation, Policy and Management
Intellectual Property Rights and Patents
International Areas of Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance, and
International Economics & Trade
International Finance
Knowledge Management and Technology
Leaders’ Roles for Innovation
Leadership and Multicultural Relations
Leadership Development in Multicultural Contexts
Management (Production, Behavior, Management Science, Operations, Policy, )
Management Information Systems
Management of Innovation and Technology
Managing Collaborative Innovation
Manufacturing and Production Processes
Manufacturing Engineering
Marketing (Consumer Behavior etc.)
Marketing Management
New Product/ Service Development
Non-Profit Business
Non-Profit Organization
Nursing Administration & Leadership
Nursing Management & Supervision
Operating Systems and Management
Organization Systems
Organizational Communication
Organizational Innovation
Organizational Psychology
Performance Evaluation
Process Innovation
Project and Program Management
Project Management
Psychology ( In relation to Business)
Public Administration
Quality Management
Regional Innovation Systems, Clusters, and Industrial Networks
Research and Development Management
Service Science and Innovation
Social Impact of Technology Development
Sociology (Business Related)
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Innovation and Technology Incubation
Technological Innovation, Product Innovation, and Industrial Innovation
Technology Development and Innovation at SMEs
Technology Foresight and Forecasting
Technology Intelligence and Planning and Leadership
Technology in the Financial / Services Sector
Technology Strategy and Leadership
Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization
Web Technologies and Information Management

E-Mail Address
[email protected]


Yildiz Technical University
Graduate School of Social Sciences
Yıldız Kampüsü 34349 Yıldız,
Beşiktaş, İSTANBUL


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