TEDxBogaziciUniversity is looking for its Student Speakers

Konu: TEDxBogaziciUniversity is looking for its Student Speakers!

TEDxBogaziciUniversity will take place on April 19 in Bogazici University with the theme “Versatility as a Means to Survive”. Its speakers will consist of Bogazici professors, alumni and students. Student speakers will be decided upon via your applications. TEDxBogaziciUniversity encourages all those with an idea worth spreading to apply to give a TEDx talk in the conference. Your (5 to 10 minute long) talk will be featured on our website, YouTube channel and possibly TED.com. The event will be in English.

For more information about TED and TEDx: www.ted.com

For more information about our event: www.tedxbogaziciuniversity.com

To apply as a student speaker:

Thank you, and hopefully see you on April 19!