Summer School on Astrometry

5-9 September 2011,Antalya, Turkey


Astrometry from the ground and space allows us to explore the Solar System objects and improve our knowledge of the dynamical and physical characteristics of these objects. The GAIA mission of the European Space Agency which is scheduled for launch in 2013 will cover a large space astrometric program that will improve our knowledge of a huge number of astrophysical and Solar system objects (e.g. asteroids, comets, planetary satellites) by performing a systematic survey of the whole sky (V~20). Nevertheless ground-based observation by a follow-up program will be useful and will allow us to validate some difficult detection by the probe or to avoid the loss of some newly detected objects. Regarding the impressive improvement of the orbit accuracy which will be reached, a fundamental step in astrometry will be done and new challenges will arrive in this domain as well for the space observation and their interpretation as for the ground-based observation. At the present time, astrometrists work for the preparation of this important mission but we must think about a long term vision which will ensure the necessary manpower for the analysis of the huge amount of data and the future researches in the astrometry domain. Despite this enthusiastic future, astrometry is not included in curriculum of several countries, therefore students and young astronomers must be encouraged to reinforce the astrometric community active in astrometry. In this international context, a summer school could be an interesting way to foster young students and astronomers for this specialization.

The summer school is performed in the frame of an International Joint Project (IJP) of French, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese collaboration . In following the summer school, we also organize a workshop as a continuation of future activities established by the IJP to initiate data exploitation on astrometric observations by candidate/professional scientists.

Official language of the summer school and the workshop is English.

Contact info: Dr. Timur ŞAHİN, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Science, Space Science and Technologies Department, 07058, Campus, Antalya, Turkey. E-mail:

Summer School on Astrometry