STEM + A Camp, one of our camp programs for children during Semestir break; From cartoon making to robot workshops, from theater performances to marbling art, from balloon car experience to drop sticks workshop.

Sports activities, leisure time, rest, breakfast and lunch hours and 4-12 age group is also included in the daily program. There are also workshops such as morse alphabet, gravity, and gear art.

STEM + A (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art) consists of the experiences for each branch.

* Our camps are limited to quota. Hurry up for the reservation!

STEM + A Camp Details

Cartoon Production: In this experience, our children will always draw the cartoons they watch as the audience with their own imagination, and voice them. The experienced child will have the satisfaction of producing a cartoon by using his intelligence and crafting skills to build up a story and then to revive him.

Gear Art: Gear Our children experience together with our instructors, experience the operation logic of gear wheels and enter into an experience to make their own machines. At the end of the experience; action of colored cogs

Painter Robot: In this experience; This robot, which is very cute with its design, helps to reveal the artistic ability of our children by drawing energetic vibrations and turning shapes. With this robot, our children develop their productivity and imagination together with the basic concepts such as turnaround, balance-engineering, vibration motor with normal DC motor, product development. This experience helps them discover electrical issues, especially in their daily lives. Yap yap I can also ler yap üreten erek erek değil yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap

Wood Dreams: In our Wood Dreams Experience our children are dreaming freely. They form the structures of their dreams by assembling their wooden boards. The structures in the dreams of our children are prepared with environmentally friendly, reliable and healthy wooden boards. Our children, who build bridges, buildings, ships and planes from their wooden boards, develop their architectural structures in their dreams and develop their psychomotor and cognitive skills with fun. They develop individual skills, imagination and creativity, and experience individual or team work with healthy wooden toys.

Gravity Toy: With the veya Gravity Toy Yer, you do not need software or electricity to enable movement. This clever little rocking toy walks alone by gravity. The Gravity Toy only works on the slope at a certain angle. Gravity Toy; If you hold the ramp too high, the front feet will get stuck. If you cannot adjust the stitch and hold it close to the floor, it will pinch the hind legs. We’ll have to adjust the slope well until we find the sloped point.

Storytelling: The storytellers that the narrator supports with animations and which have survived from centuries ago, are aimed at acquiring the ability of listening to our children, and loving art and books.